Should the brightest minds be working on new technology or be teaching?

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Should the brightest minds be working on new technology or be teaching? Keep reading to know.

Originally posted on Quora,Guest Posting At first glance the question seems very straightforward and the enticing answer seems YES. The question however is bemusing even in its simplest of modes. The foremost query must be what does Brightest Mind means? What is the metric to measure a bright mind? What rhythm and tempo must a brightest of minds follow?.

The stratosphere in itself is dynamic and volatile. Should the brightest of minds teach peace? BANG! a shot to the head. Several notable peace activists like John Lennon, Theo Van Gogh, Avijit Roy, Washiqur Rahaman were murdered for various political or religious reasons. They were the brightest and kindest of minds the world has ever witnessed but their convention of free thinking and individualistic attitude was what got them murdered. With that being the case, people are too scared to question the authority and its norms.

The wealth quotient is the primary measure to judge a persons success, class and his/her brilliance. Indeed, wealth can be a very strong factor while being judgemental but however kindness is trait i.e. greatly ignored. We, the people, all get very excited about the celebrity weddings but forget to recall the likes of Mother Teresa and Nelson Mandela. They are the vigorous idols to any generation but instead we are more worried about who Justin Bieber is dating?

We cant comment or judge what a bright mind means in the current scenario but its easy to decode that the great minds are maverick thinkers and rebellious when needed.

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