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Many people tend to pay more attention on studying than eating during exam times. But did you know that eating makes studying more efficient? In fact, there are brain booster foods that can help you get better scores for exams.

Exams are so stressful that sometimes we forget or refused to eat to have more time studying. However,Guest Posting doing so can badly impact how our brain process the information we want to remember. This is because foods play important role on having alertness, focus, concentration, and good memory. Learn about power foods for the brain that can help make your studying more effective.  

Skipping meals or relying on instant noodles are the last things you should do when revising for exams. The brain needs a sufficient supply of nutrients especially if you need it to perform better. The organ is the control center of the body. Running millions of processes every day. Including senses, heartbeats, breathing, motor skills, and thinking. It does not stop working even when you are sleeping. Thus, the brain requires constant topping up of nutrients to operate.

Carbohydrates are the brain’s fuel. They are breakdown into glucose when digested and become the energy source of the brain. Carbs increase alertness and focus which are crucial for studying. However, there are carbs that make you feel sluggish instead of being alert. These are high glycemic carbohydrates such as candies and white breads. They breakdown glucose easily resulting to quicker drop of energy. The better choice are low glycemic carbs such as grains, legumes, and oats as they dissolve glucose slowly. Allowing you to have a steady good energy level all throughout the day.  

Caffeine is another nutrient that is good for alertness and focus. Plus, it helps improve mood as it releases the “feel-good” hormones – serotonin and dopamine. Making you more eager to study. If coffee is your choice of beverage during exam times, then you have a great study-buddy. Other potent source of caffeine are tea and dark chocolates.

I specified dark chocolates as white and milk chocolates are loaded with added sugars. They are considered high glycemic foods and drop energy level fast. Coffee, tea, and dark chocolates are also rich with antioxidants that repair cell damaged cause by free radicals. Protecting you from developing neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

Are you fond of eating chips while studying? You may want to replace them with nuts. Nuts contain Omega-3 fatty acids which make brain work harder. Improving memory, cognition, and concentration. The nutrient also prevents mental decline diseases as it helps build cell membranes and brain cells structures. Other source of Omega-3 are fatty fish such as salmon, tuna, trout, and mackerel.

Berries are a great snack before exams. They are rich in flavonoids which helps improve memory and communication between nerve cells. Research found that these healthy snacks have anti-inflammatory and antioxidants effects. Reducing brain aging and delaying the onset of memory decline diseases like dementia.

Proteins such as legumes, nuts, eggs, meat, fish, and dried beans also plays important role for the brain. They make neurotransmitters more active sending messages to the rest of the body. They are good for better memory, improve mood, and help prevent brain degenerative diseases.

Healthy foods are great for the brain just as it is for the entire body. It is important to remember that foods have direct and long-lasting impact in the brain. The foods that are mentioned above are brain boosters that can help you perform better on exams. Or other activities that require cognition such as learning, memorization, and solving complex problems. But these are not the only foods that your brain needs. Other nutrients including micronutrients are also beneficial for brain development, function, and protection.

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