Choosing the Right Gourmet Olive Oils to Add Flavor to Any Dish

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For people that enjoy finer foods and more exotic dishes,Guest Posting a great way to spice up the foods they eat, as well as realize numerous health benefits, is with gourmet olive oils. This elite form of olive oil goes great on a wide variety of foods, and is great for just about any occasion. Because of its versatility and its numerous health benefits, gourmet olive oil is a mainstay in many households.

The difference between gourmet and regular kinds of olive oil is that the gourmet kind is made from only the top quality olive fruits. Also, the makers of this oil are very particular about how the olives are picked and processed. Their specific method of processing the oil insures that the finished product will be of the highest standard possible, so that this elite olive oil can be enjoyed to its fullest by everyone who uses it.

There are many different varieties of gourmet olive oils on the market today, and it is sometimes difficult to choose the right one. However, there are a few things to look for to make sure the brand of olive oil being purchased will meet the standards of quality one would expect from something that is labeled “gourmet.”

The first thing to look for is whether or not the oil being considered is extra virgin olive oil. The reason this is important is that extra virgin has the best flavor and the lowest percentage of acidity compared with other kinds of olive oils. The extra virgin olive oil is from olive fruits that were picked just before ripening. Within a day after being picked, the oil is processed, making it the best quality oil on the market. If something is being labeled a gourmet olive oil, it should be of the extra virgin variety.

Another thing to check for is what kind of pressing was used during the processing. The best quality olive oil will have been processed using a technique called cold pressing. Cold pressing the olives keeps them from exposure to high heat that can sometimes damage the natural flavoring of the oil. It is best to look for the pressing method on the label of the product before purchasing.

Special attention should be paid to the flavor of the brand of oil being purchased. There may be a large difference in taste from one product to the next. When ordering online it is helpful to read the description of the flavor from the website or read product reviews or reviews from forums to get a good idea of what the product will taste like.

Some of the gourmet olive oils on the market today have other ingredients mixed in with the natural oil to enhance the flavor. Some examples of this are oils infused with hot peppers, lemon, garlic, basil and several others. These variations open up more possibilities for their use in cooking. A cake could be made with lemon oil, or vegetables could be finished off with the garlic variety.

These are a few things to consider when choosing the best gourmet olive oils that are of the highest quality and most suitable to the taste buds of the individual. There are many choices out there, and it helps to know what to look for in order to wind up with the right kind of oil to fit the occasion.

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