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Looking to add a little spice to your love life? Many countries in Asia have a variety of different fruits and herbs that are rumored to improve your sex life.

Looking to add a little spice to your love life? Many countries in Asia have a variety of different fruits and herbs that are rumored to improve your sex life. These aphrodisiacs have been used for centuries and their benefits are still known even today. Throughout the world,Guest Posting many aphrodisiacs are based on the phallic look or feel of a particular thing, and these Asian aphrodisiacs are no different. The taste and the manner of preparing it and sharing it with your lover have an important impact on how well they work. Even more important than the supposed results, however, is that you and your partner try them and have fun with them.

ApricotsThe Chinese have considered apricots to be a symbol of sexual desire. Originating from China, apricots can be found in almost any supermarket today.

ClovesCloves were first used by the Chinese around 300 B.C. as an herb with powerful medicinal power. Eventually, they came to be known for increasing sexual desire. Created from the dried up bud lings of evergreen trees, cloves are used in a variety of different meals. FigsPlump, soft, with a sweet flavor, figs come from the ficus tress whose origin in unknown. Figs have been considered to be one of the sexiest fruits on the planet. They can be eaten by themselves, or combined with a variety of similarly sweet fruits and vegetables.

GingerGinger has been used as a powerful aphrodisiac for centuries throughout Asia. Used to combat impotence, or to attract a member of the opposite sex, ginger can be found in many Asian meals.

GinsengGinseng is one of those magical things that have so many uses. Improving memory, helping your body, making you smarter, ginseng has been known to cure a variety of ailments. In Asia, ginseng is known as a powerful medicine for many cases of sexual dysfunction. Many medicines that are taken to restore potency actually contain small amounts of ginseng!LicoriceChinese have used licorice for medicinal purposes throughout the centuries. Tasting extremely sweet, small amounts of the licorice root is said to enhance love and increase lust, especially for a woman.

NutmegIn the past, nutmeg was highly prized by Chinese women to improve love making. The reason behind this thinking probably had to do with the fact that large quantities of nutmeg can produce a hallucinogenic effect. Nutmeg is used in making a lot of different desserts like pies and cakes. PeachesWith literally thousands of varieties of peaches, peaches can be found almost everywhere. Among the Chinese, however, peaches have been known for increasing sexual intensity.

SakeAlcohol and sexuality have been linked throughout the history of man. As such, among the Japanese, sake is known for increasing lust and improving sexual abilities.

Tiger partsUnfortunately among the Chinese, many tiger parts are considered to be powerful aphrodisiacs. These parts are worn around the neck in order to kind of “absorb” the sexual energy from the animal. As cruel as it is, the selling of these parts are still very popular even today.

UnagiThe Japanese consider unagi to be a powerful aphrodisiac and can be found as a part of many dishes. Mostly, however, it is considered a popular dish for Japanese prior to the main course. Trying different things is important for a healthy sex life. These aphrodisiacs help to challenge yourself and your partner to try different things in order to improve your sex life. The key to making them work is to have fun and relax. Enjoy your life and enjoy it with your lover. Remember to be open minded and you’re guaranteed to have a fantastic sex life!

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