Gujarati food - maintaining the pride of India

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The three basic needs for survival are food, shelter and clothes. Food has been a prominent aspect for survival. Without food it is impossible for humans to move an inch. 

The three basic needs for survival are food,Guest Posting shelter and clothes. Food has been a prominent aspect for survival. Without food it is impossible for humans to move an inch. However working individuals tend to forget the necessity of a balanced diet. With tight schedules and targets to meet, working individuals tend to sacrifice their social and personal needs. They are always on their toes meeting organisational goals. With inflow of dough in their kitty they forget the most important need in their lives, healthy food. Health comes first. An unhealthy being cannot accomplish anything in his life as compared to a person who is healthy. In this fast paced world it is important consume a balanced healthy meal so that your body is agile.  The longevity of the human body is based upon healthy consumption of food. Health should be given immense priority because without it the human body loses its value.

Indians have a tradition to go out and eat in restaurants on weekends. Every person craves for a change in his routine schedule. Restaurants pertain to this requirement and offer a change. The newness a restaurant exudes in an individual’s life is remarkable. The soothing ambience and the lavish spread is all a person needs to relax and bask in peace. With work schedules round the clock, it is difficult for an employee to get a breather. Restaurants compensates for all the lost hours and days. People enjoy the environment of a restaurant because the service offered is impeccable. The staff is friendly and tend to their customers well. They are concerned about their loyal customers and prepare food that pleases one and all. It is a cumbersome task to impress each and every person walking inside a restaurant. However, a restaurant seems able to multi task and dabble between things to satisfy everyone within specific time. Indian restaurants have been amassing immense popularity across borders too. Their delicious preparations are savoured by people all over the world. Not only non vegetarian delicacies but vegetarian dishes as well have garnered a lot of accolades. The amalgam of spices and herbs with appropriate use of vegetables and meaty items, Indian sure know how to mesmerise taste buds. Every region in India is known for its speciality. Every region, village and state has its own charm that intermingles with their spread.

Gujarati food, Maharashtrian food, South Indian food etc, have nuances and hints of aboriginal herbs and spices that create a distinctive spread.  Every spread has its own unique flavour and taste. People enjoy variation in their food therefore Indian food has become a cuisine of choice for all foodies. Gujarati food is known for its quirky and peculiar sweet treats like Dhokla. Their thali preparations are famous across the globe. People specially visit Gujarati restaurants to devour thali preparations and nibble on their sweets. While South Indian cuisine is well known for their snacks and breakfast items. Indian is a land of colours but its cuisine is all colourful.

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