How to Barbecue Turkey

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Turkey is becoming more and more popular to do on the barbecue. Use these tips and techniques to get perfect grilled turkey.

How to Barbecue Turkey

Turkey has become very popular to do on the barbecue. Turkey pieces are great and come out very tasty on the grill. More and more grillers are preparing whole turkeys on the barbecue.

Follow these techniques to gret great tasting turkey right off your grill. You can add your own unique teste and texture,Guest Posting just follow these tips as guide lines.

Purchasing - Turkey

Buy smaller to medium sized turkeys when you doing them on the barbecue. When buying turkey pieces make sure they are broad and flat, so they will cook evenly on the barbecue.

When purchasing look for turkey with a darker skin pigment, as the darker meat can stand up to the high temperature of the grill. Darker meats also tend to hold sauces and flavours better.

Preparation - BBQ Turkey

To prevent the turkey from drying out, lightly coat it with some olive oil.

When preparing a whole turkey you will need to apply an in-direct grilling technique to fully cook the turkey without burning it. When grilling turkey pieces use a direct grilling method.

Smaller pieces like the thigh need to be seared to lock in the natural juices. Do this by using a high heat to crisp the outer layer and then a lower heat to slow cook the inside.

Don't put stuffing in your turkey before you grill it, rather cook it fully and then place in the stuffing.

Grilling Turkey

Charcoal should be your first choice when grilling turkey as turkey the smoke texture works well with the meat. When using a gas grill use wood chippings to produce a little smoke while grilling..

Lightly grease the grill grid to prevent any meat sticking. When grilling larger sized turkey portions, close the lid to create an even heat distribution.

Here are some grilling time guidelines:

- BBQ Turkey tenderloins/cutlets: 10 - 15 minutes (direct medium heat)

- Grilling Turkey breast: 1 - 2 hours (medium in-direct heat)

- Turkey drumsticks or thighs: 1 hour (in-direct medium heat)

- Whole medium turkeys: 2 - 3 hours (in-direct medium heat

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