Pizza in the Movies

Mar 2


Ace Abbey

Ace Abbey

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Pizza is a staple of kids, teens and college age movies. It represents an identifying attribute of their audience, the creators of these shows and films understand how much people love their Italian pie.

Pizza is one of the most famous foods around. It has fans of all ages around the world and back again. It can fit into many different scenarios for television or film. Yes,Pizza in the Movies Articles it can come in many different forms and the ingredients can be altered to fit various tastes, but there is something about the convenience of this food. There is something to be said about how it can be altered to fit the tastes and mood of all of the people that are there to consume it, even when they are fictional. The craving and satisfaction is identifiable for the audience though.

The fact that pizza is ordered and the type of pie adds to the scene it is included within. First, it is quite frequently used in college films shows about single people because college students and young professionals typically do not cook on a regular basis, if at all during that time in their lives. Therefore this food represents ease and lack of preparation, while on a budget. Second, when it is ordered for a small gathering of best friends, it is usually representing its status as a comfort food. After a long talk - usually about relationships - every bite of each slice helps them move past any of their worries because they gradually move into the moment of the company of their friends and one of their favorite foods.

There are characters in both television and film that are obsessed with pizza. There are famous characters throughout the decades but none are more excited about a slice than the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, right? There are television shows devoted to kids and teens that showcase a pizzeria as a staple of their lives because the show creators understand the special relationship between kids and a pie slice.

The family movie or situation comedy that includes families will also include pizza scenes as a means to unite everyone. It is used for game night, for family gatherings, for slumber parties, and for birthday parties. Television has to mimic certain aspects of life in order to maintain an audience that can identify, right? However, there is a saying that art imitates life, but that it tends to go both ways sometimes. Do you think that film and television shows inspire your pizza obsession or are television programs and films a reflection of the worlds unwavering affinity for the many ways of preparing and consuming this food.

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