The Big Lie of Luxury Food and the Way We Can Overcome Our Own Beliefs

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There is an old belief connecting shellfish to luxurious, thus preventing many of us to explore the flavors that are rightfully ours. Today we are going to liberate ourselves from the chains of superstitions.

For some reason,Guest Posting many of us think of seafood as luxurious food, fit for kings and queens, or at least the rich and the famous, sitting in their padded chairs in fancy restaurants by the sea in an exotic foreign country we dare not guess the pronunciation of its name.

When we think of shrimp, lobster and oyster dishes, we tend to picture them in heavy porcelain plates, under the controlled lights of large chandelier, served by stern looked waiter, wearing a black suit and a bow tie. Of course he is wearing a bow tie, bow ties are cool, no matter what anyone say. The waiter is laying the plate on the table in a gentle brush of his coat, presenting its spotless texture, shining in the dim light and the reflections from the shiny silverware. The plate itself is decorated with all the right splash of colors, as a master piece of a genius artist, crying his emotions on a bright canvas, searching for the expressless awe in the diners' eyes.

But as we see in the eastern and Mediterranean kitchens, it doesn’t have to be like this. In those plains, the seemingly luxurious sea food products are a big part of the everyday menu of the population, from the low classes through the usual common people and to the higher classes, everyone can enjoy a good taste of the ocean's delightful flavors. It's not that the money is rolling down the streets in those countries, but the abundance of such products helps creating a whole new different approach than we are used to see in the west.

The first thing you have to realize in your liberation from this mislead perception, is that cooking shellfish at home doesn’t have to be so costly. If you venture your local markets, you could probably find fresh shellfish of all kinds in reasonable prices, and thus opening new plains in your culinary world. Now all you have to do is find the right mussels or shrimp recipes, to match your personal taste. This shouldn’t be so hard, as there are thousands of recipes and recipes variations, which can easily come handy in your search for new flavors.

And while we're at it, here is a little tip- bare in mind that you don’t have to follow your recipes as though they are the words of God almighty, and if they don’t 100% match your taste, you can always make small changes. Don’t worry, we won't tell.

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