What are the duties of the best catering in London?

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Trends have changed in all these years and catering is looked at as one of the most lucrative careers.

Their job is not limited to cooking and serving food but it includes everything from planning meals,Guest Posting delivery, preparation, and presentation. Whether it is a wedding, any fundraiser event, bridal shower or a reception, food is prepared according to the theme and presented beautifully.

Furthermore, the best catering in London takes care of additional jobs including the decoration of tables, chairs, music, and lightning.

We have described their job and duties in detail so that you can have a clear idea.     

  • Food preparation and service

 No matter what’s the occasion and who they are working for, their primary job is to offer scrumptious food and present it in the most beautiful way. They may cook on-site or can deliver pre-cooked food, that’s totally upon them.

The customer will decide if he wants his guests to get food on the table or a buffet, London catering company will have to make the arrangements accordingly.

The caterer must ensure that the quality of food should be according to the guidelines of the Food Department’s safety and sanitation rules.   

  • Menu Planning

Most of the caterers take two approached towards the food: either they offer their set menus or are open for their customisable menus. Irrespective of the approach, they are responsible for the diversity of the menu.

It is their part of the job to craft a unique menu and design eye-pleasing presentations.

Apart from that, the catering company must be able to tailor the menu as per the need and demands of the customer. Also, caterers handle the purchasing and inventory for the events. They need to keep proper stock as per the quantity of food.

In addition to it, they need to decide the right quantity of food for the size of gathering as well. All the orders should be managed well and food should not be wasted at all.   

  • Marketing

Taking on the role of a chef is not sufficient at all. They need to handle marketing well. It is important to realise the size of the market and target gentry before starting an advertisement.

It is important for caterers to establish a good relationship with their clients as it will boost their references. Creating a cross-vendor relationship can be a well-defined approach. They should establish a bond with photographers, decorators, and venue owners to increase their client base and business.

Social Media can also be a great approach. Create advertisement material including brochures, newsletters, and flyers and attend expositions for exposure.     

  • Administrative Tasks

Chefs who own the business have to take up administrative duties as well. It includes obtaining a proper license through the state and country, getting necessary permits, debit/credit accounts, taxes, client’s payments, and all the paperwork. They can hire additional clerical staff to perform these duties for them and lighten their load. For instance, a caterer can hire an accountant to help him with payments, cheques, and taxes. Similarly, he can hire a helper cook for odd jobs.

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