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Experts say eating any kind of cuisine in huge quantity is unhealthy for the human body. With lifestyle diseases on the prowl it is smart to turn into a vegetarian. 

Experts say eating any kind of cuisine in huge quantity is unhealthy for the human body. With lifestyle diseases on the prowl it is smart to turn into a vegetarian. The human body is exposed to wear and tear on a daily basis. Like a machine,Guest Posting the human body also requires lubrication. The maintenance of the body should not be overlooked. People are growing fond of Indian cuisine because of its ability to make the body agile. Experts have discovered that Indian cuisine is light and provides ample nutrients to the tired body. This nutritious cuisine has been the talk of town for decades. Indian cuisine was stereotyped as oily and fatty. The sole reason being people were referring to the non vegetarian delicacies. Indians feast like there is no tomorrow. Thus you will find chunks of meat and fiery curries heavy in fat and oil when consuming non vegetarian food.

Indians have learned how to control their appetite when they have urges to binge on meaty treats. Vegetarian food has made people reluctant to take the risk of ruining their health. For example, a person eats a balanced vegetarian food every day in order to stay fit. He has been practicing the same routine for years. Would it be unfair to suddenly change his diet to non vegetarian and make everything he worked for obsolete? People are turning to vegetarian food for a reason. Vegetarian food uses natural vegetables and legumes, which is a nutritious blend for the body. Earlier Indian restaurants preferred adding coconut oil or milk. This combination was in high in saturated fats. Thus these restaurants ceased to use these ingredients.

Vegetarian restaurants have become cautious and particular about their spread. They devote time deciding on their men and brief the chefs to make it less oily. People have become health conscious and vegetarian restaurants are supporting this cause. In fact many vegetarian restaurants have initiated an education program to make the people aware of the advantages vegetarian food has as compared to the disadvantages of non vegetarian food. Both the cuisines have their benefits and setbacks. For example, coconut oil is a rich source of Lauric acid. This acid is found in mother’s milk which acts as an antibacterial and antiviral agent.  On the other hand non vegetarian food is abundant in Omega 3 fatty acids which are a pre-requisite to the human body.

The Indian thali is the prime dish of the vegetarian cuisine. However these days you also find a non vegetarian thali. The Indian thali is an amalgam of side entrees, Rise and Roti. This lavish meal is served on a round silver platter. People in India and abroad have been savouring the thali for years. The delectable flavours and aromatic experience impress foodies. A mix—match of spicy curries, sweet treats, sour sauces etc is a treat to food aficionados. The Great Indian cuisine has a delicacy to please everyone no matter how big the hankering is. So when in Indian remember to binge on the thali and other vegetarian food.



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