Best Solution to Cat Vomit Stain While Doing Carpet Cleaning

Jan 4


Ma. Theresa Galan

Ma. Theresa Galan

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We all love and cherish our pets, but it becomes inevitable to cat owners at some point your cat will spew vomit on your carpets, whether it is a hairball or a mixture of food. For some reason, cats have determined the best place to do this is in fact on your carpets rather than the easy-to-clean kitchen tile.

Vomit stains on carpeting can become a serious problem. They can literally ruin carpets and the padding beneath if you do not clean it up using effective methods. If your cat has vomited,Best Solution to Cat Vomit Stain While Doing Carpet Cleaning Articles you need to clean it up right away to prevent the odor from getting any worse.

When this occurs, it is crucial to attend to the area immediately in order to prevent further staining. Steps can be easily taken to control staining from cat vomit. Assuming the mess your cat has spewed is fresh, use material such as a paper towel or a piece of cardboard to remove as much vomit as possible without further rubbing the mess into the carpet. After removing the excess vomit, saturate the area with salt and lay a damp, light-colored towel over the salt, allowing the salt and moisture to bring the stain to the surface. After approximately two hours, remove the towel and vacuum the salty residue which should have absorbed the stain.

If the stain remains, resort to commercial products; it is best to test a product to make sure it will not bleach your carpet. Pour or spray the product on the area and blot the remaining residue with a light-colored towel. Refrain from rubbing the carpet as this could help the stain set in the carpet fibers. Repeat with pressure until the towels no longer turn color.

Cleaning cat vomit fully requires some careful handling, since you don't want to press in the mess into the fabric and leave a stain.When discovering cat vomit stains on carpeting, clean up the solids with paper towels.

Bathroom paper also works, and it can be quickly and easily flushed away. Be sure to pick up the solids as carefully as possible to avoid making a bigger mess.

Absorb as Much Liquid as Possible with Additional Toweling

When using my natural way to clean up cat vomit stains on carpeting, use additional paper towels to absorb as much liquid as possible. It might take several folded sheets of toweling, but the vomit stains will not come clean if the liquid is allowed to remain in the carpeting and padding. Apply as much pressure as necessary to fully soak up the cat vomit liquid and stains.

Dampen the Carpeting with Clear Water

Next, dampen the cat vomit stains with clear water, even if they are no longer visible. Do not soak the carpeting. Instead, run a clean sponge or rag under cool water, and gently moisten the fibers. I use natural sponges since they are highly absorbent and gently on carpeting.

Cover the Area with Baking Soda

The next step involves covering the damp cat vomit stains with a generous amount of sodium bicarbonate. Cordon off the area to prevent people and pets from stepping in the natural cleaner. Let it dry completely. It will take at least 24 hours, but it will work to pull remaining cat vomit stains from the carpeting and padding.

Vacuum Away the Baking Soda Along with the Stains

To completely clean up the vomit stains along with lingering odors, vacuum away the baking soda. Use a clean dry rag to gently brush the fibers of the carpeting back into place. The cat vomit stains should be completely gone, and the cat will be able to keep his loving, happy home.

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