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Like all fabrics, carpets are not immune from losing colour over time. This can be expected up to a point, but there are many things that a homeowner can do to slow the process and minimise the appearance that fading will have on their flooring. 

The first thing you need to know about fading carpets is why it happens. Just like any fabric,Guest Posting carpet tends to lose its color over time. While this is normal, there are a few things you can do to prevent color fading in your carpet and keep them looking as good as new.

Artificial light such as halogen and fluorescent lights may bleach the colour from your carpets over long periods of time. This takes many years and requires prolonged exposure. Another reason your carpets may fade is from chemical reactions.

This can occur from acne medications, hair preparations and pet hair treatments, as well as certain carpet cleaners. Finally, sunlight is known as the most common cause of fading. Sunlight faded areas usually have less definition than other types of colour loss.

Sunlight Off Please

Everybody loves a bright, sunny home. But direct sunlight can also strip colour from your carpets.  To avoid this exposure, pull the shades closed when you're not at home. Overhangs, awnings and shade trees can also help. Finally, another solution is to apply window film tints that are designed to block UV rays and reflect heat.

Feet and Hands Off If Not Cleaned Yet

You may not realize it but the chemicals you handle may cause colour fading in your carpet. Bleach, acne medication and even athlete's foot medication can strip the colour from your carpet. So make sure to wash your hands regularly and wear socks whenever possible to protect your flooring.

Act On Stains The First Time

Accidents do happen, but some are more damaging than others. Some fluids have the potential to bleach the colour from your carpets. This can include certain acidic fluids and pet urine. If you accidently spill something on your carpet, clean it up as quickly as possible to avoid permanent colour damage.

Choose the One 

Choosing a robust carpet from the outset, especially for rooms with high traffic and lots of light can be a smarter decision. Some carpets have built in colourfast features which provide extra protection from colour bleaching. While these might not necessary for the entire home, they can be a worthy addition to lounge rooms and high traffic areas.Faded carpet is a not good to look at. Especially often fading is uneven with noticeable differences in the shading of the carpet.

As far as you want to maintain the color for long, keep your carpet cleaning ways brighten it and not the other way around. You might have done your part and still you feel like you missed something, approach the pros anyway

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