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Using natural remedies to kill fleas in the carpet is something interesting since most flea products are toxic chemicals. When you have a flea infestation in your home it can really become a nuisance because they multiply within days and can get all over your furniture and bedding. To eliminate fleas from your home you need to remove them from your carpets while killing the eggs and the adult fleas as well.

Fleas are annoying and can irritate and bite both you and your pet. If you have an indoor pet you are still likely to develop a flea problem on your furniture,Guest Posting carpet and pet.There are many different ways to get rid of fleas but choosing the safest is a must. Natural remedies which are cheaper is best.

Salt and baking soda are two common household items. If you have a flea problem in your house and want safe alternatives to get rid of them, using salt and baking soda might just be a solution.

A lot of products do not end up killing both the adult flea and the eggs but baking soda and salt seems to really work. You can mix the two products together in a container or you can apply them separately to your carpet which is what I ended up doing. You also want to remove your pet from the areas you are going to treat especially if your pet likes to lay on the carpet.

How to Use and Apply

The first thing you want to do when you are using the baking soda and salt treatment to kill fleas is remove all of your furniture from the carpet you want to treat. Take the salt first and sprinkle it fairly heavily onto your carpets going from right to left, applying liberally.

Make sure you cover the whole room in a light salt drizzle so that you will be killing the fleas from every aspect of the carpet. Then you want to use the same process for the baking soda, applying liberally from one corner of the room to the next corner. You do not need to use as much baking soda since it can be a hassle when it comes time to using the broom but you want to make sure you sprinkle it throughout the carpet. Once you have both products on the carpet, take your broom and sweep from right to left so that your carpet is absorbing the salt and baking soda.

The key to killing the flea eggs is to get deep into the carpet fibers where the flea eggs are most likely to be so make sure you sweep firmly into the carpet. You can leave this flea treatment on your carpet anywhere from 12 hours to a week depending how severe the flea infestation is inside your home.

The salt and baking soda works by basically dehydrating the flea and eggs so they are unable to survive, which will eventually kill them. Since flea eggs hatch within about three days, it is important you keep repeating the salt and baking soda treatment everyday for at least three to four days.

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