Perfect Mice Pest Control Strategy in Areas Like Basements and Crawl Spaces

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Mice and rats don't care that it's your home and that they're not wanted. They need a place to call home, and yours is readily available to them. Why would they pass up that free housing?

Mice often live in hidden areas within homes,Guest Posting including storage boxes, attics, lofts and wall interiors. Mice are capable of fitting through extremely small openings in floors, walls and foundations. After they enter homes, they are extremely difficult to exterminate.A plan is your best strategy for eliminating rats, mice and other pests that may enter your crawl space. If you have evidence of rats or mice in your crawl space, the reality is that it's probably been going on for a long time whether you've wanted to admit it or not.Eliminate Rats, Mice and Other Pests From Your Crawl Space

1) If you're going to eliminate rats or pests by yourself, it's going to be a lot of work. First, you need to find out where they're entering. Chances are that it's from more than one source. You may not see all the places they're coming in from, which can be quite frustrating.

Rats, in particular, pose a tough problem because they tunnel through the ground and can scrape through insulation and other building materials in front of them. Rats gain entry into homes more directly than other pests, making them more formidable to eliminate from your home.

In addition, rats and mice have a gestation period of only 22 to 30 days! This means more mice and rats to fill your basement or crawl space. As the saying goes, it only takes two to tango.

2) Next, you'll need to seal off where the rats or mice are coming in to your home. This will encourage them to find a new way in, so be sure you seal off all other possible entrances.

3) Lay down more traps to ensure that every rat or mouse that may still be lurking in your crawl space is caught.

Do not use poison traps. As poisoned rodents die, they can cause major stench when their body is stuck in your walls, plumbing or attic. This could add the additional work of ripping down walls and/or ceilings just to remove the carcasses. Why make that work for yourself?

4) Have a pest controlexpert periodically check your home for rodents. Often, a home has rodents or pests even though homeowners do not hear or see them. A quarterly checkup with a pest control expert will ensure rodents or pests are eliminated from your home.

Rodents living within walls do emerge in search of food. At this time, homeowners may capture or kill mice through the use of traps or poison. Homeowners may also lure mice out of walls with food bait. However, in the event of severe infestation, traps oftentimes prove inefficient. Professional pest control methods may be necessary.

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