Tile Wins Over Other Floor Type in Ease of Use

Sep 13


Ma. Theresa Galan

Ma. Theresa Galan

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When you look at the big picture, tile is one of the best flooring choices you can make: it is readily available, cost-effective, and offers versatile options.


One of the main benefits associated with a tile floor is the ease of maintenance. With both vinyl or ceramic flooring,Tile Wins Over Other Floor Type in Ease of Use Articles the tiles require no special cleaning solutions, tend to be stain resistant, and make it much easier to keep clean. Spills can be wiped up with no problem. Routine cleaning can be accomplished with mild cleansing solution and a sponge mop. In terms of care, a tile floor saves a lot of time on cleaning.

Tile flooring comes in different materials, from ceramic to stone varieties.

Great Range of Tile Sizes

The amazing versatility of tile floors comes from the sheer amount of options at your disposal. Tile size can vary from the very small mosaic types--some of which are less than an inch square--to large (12") and even larger tile squares.

As for ease of maintenance, tile can hardly be beat. Rather, it's the grout that poses the problem. Even those issues of staining and chipping can be mitigated by proper maintenance, sealing, and even choosing to go with an epoxy-based system, thus eliminating the need to be concerned.

The ease of installation is another one advantage associated with tile floors. Often, the flooring installation involves nothing more than peeling a protective backing from each tile and setting it in place. This makes it possible for homeowners to do the job themselves, which can save a great deal of money.

Tile Wins "Best Flooring Award" for Repair Ease

Another huge plus of tile is that repair is relatively easy. Did you know that on most tile installations, extra tiles are left behind expressly for this purpose? So, if a tile develops cracks--usually due to an improper substrate or improper adhesive for the substrate--then you merely replace it. Repairs are also easy to accomplish. When a tile is damaged, simply remove the old tile and replace with a new one. Even if the tile flooring is ceramic, the process is still relatively simple. The quick and easy repair process makes a tile floor much easier to keep looking new than many other flooring types.

Stains and water damage are a moot point when it comes to non-porous ceramic tile. But natural stone such as marble may need to be sealed to prevent this problem.

There are a number of tile floor designs available. Consumers can choose a wide range of colors, patterns, and designs. Especially creative homeowners may mix and match tiles to come up with own unique design. This makes it possible to integrate a tile floor into the general décor of the room much easier than other floor covering options.

Finally, if you like a warm floor in the winter for your bare feet, you can always install tile over a radiant heated floor, which comes with thermostat controls like an HVAC unit. Tile remains one of the best flooring solutions in any budget.

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