Components and Parts of Greenhouses

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Learn about all of the typical components, parts, and pieces of a greenhouse gardening kit or outdoor structure.

You love to garden.

You have tasted freshly picked vegetables and fruits.

You have enjoyed the beauty of flowers and other decorative plants.

You want the joy to last for more than the summer months.

  • A greenhouse is your next step.
  • With a greenhouse,Guest Posting you will enjoy gardening all year.

You need to choose the type of greenhouse that will fit your gardening desires and the climate in which you live.
  • First, you need to understand what are the parts of a greenhouse.
  • The following is a run down of the parts of a greenhouse:

The foundation of the greenhouse is important.
  • You will need to provide drainage while having a floor that is easy and flat to walk on and to put pots and decorative items on easily.
  • It is good to put gravel or other material that will provide drainage at the base of the greenhouse.
  • Then choose flooring for walkways of wood or other hard-surfaced material.
  • The foundation should be strong enough to support your greenhouse and be on flat ground.
  • If your yard is slanted or is hilly, you may need to have a part excavated so it will be flat.

The frame of your greenhouse needs to be sturdy and straight.

You need to choose the material the frame should be constructed.
  • There are various materials to choose from such as steel, aluminum, PCV piping or wood.
  • Wood is very beautiful, but it will need to be treated to keep it from deteriorating from the weather and humidity. Steel is strong but is given to rust.
  • PCV piping is the newest material used for greenhouse frames, although it is breakable.
  • Each material has its strengths and problems.
  • The frame of your greenhouse is very important; it is like the bones to your body. If the frame is not strong and sufficient, the greenhouse will fail.

You will need to decide what the windowpanes should be constructed.
  • Glass is the traditional choice.
  • You must guard against breakage of the glass.
  • Other choices are plastics and acrylics.
  • Some plastics are very conductive to the greenhouse effect you want.
  • The heat and radiation from the sun is trapped inside your greenhouse that builds heat and humidity.
  • The light is beneficial to the plants.

The doors can be of the hinged type or sliding type.
  • The hinged type is more convenient.
  • If you choose hinged doors, be sure there is enough space for them.
  • Sliding doors take less space but may require more maintenance.
  • You will need to keep the tracks clean and free of dirt for easy sliding.

You can purchase greenhouse kits that will make these choices easier.

Also, with a kit the sizes will be standard and easy to replace if needed. Usually sizes are in measurements of four. Using a simple plan will make the construction of your greenhouse less stressful. The resulting greenhouse will be worth all the time spent planning.

When you have a successful greenhouse in the right location constructed of the right parts, you will be ready to garden all year around.
  • You will have plenty of fresh vegetables, and even some fruits to enjoy without having to buy them at the grocers at high out of season prices.
  • You will be able to pick them fresh at just the right time for your enjoyment.
  • Your understanding of the parts of a green house will insure your success in completing your greenhouse.
  • Your dream will be realized and enjoyed all year long.

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