Abamectin and emamectin benzoate

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Abamectin as efficient broad-spectrum insecticides, was relatively safe to mammals, and has good environmental compatibility. 

With the product application more and more widely,Guest Posting pest resistance to abamectin was enhanced, industry will be developed to ivermectin, emamectin benzoate, acetyl abamectin and milbemectin and other derivatives. On the market application, it will also be developed to insecticide and miticide, workstock dual-used insect repellents and household health medication field.


Since 1995, the original abamectin drug was increased by the annual rate of about 50%, production capacity was enlarged year by year. In recent years, with the production technology improved year by year, the selling prices reduced was offsetting the rising costs which associated with increased drug resistance, abamectin products maintain the cost performance advantage. In addition, with the use of low-cost, highly toxic pesticide gradually limited, in developing countries, it will be accelerated the widely used trend of abamectin products.


Currently, Chinese abamectin production capacity is 3,800 tons/year. The actual production is 2,400 tons or so in 2009. Since 1995-2008, the demand growth is 50%. In 2009, due to the insect pest is lighter and the production capacity substantial expansion and other reasons, the supply and demand situation of abamectin presenting a phenomenon that tight at first but afterwards loose, the total demand was growth, annual growth rate is over 30%, the growth rate was falling after rise. Among them, the emamectin benzoate is relatively large pull the abamectin powder demand.


Comprehensive analysis of the above conditions, abamectin suppliers believe that with the sharp rise of the current abamectin original drug prices, it will usher in a wave of substantial expansion wave. Expand the production scale of abamectin and further improve the technical level will make the production cost further declined, to provide a support for maintaining the original drug abamectin in a lower price. It was expected that the cost performance advantage of Chinese abamectin can keep 2 to 4 years, during this periods, Chinese market will enter a mature period.


Emamectin benzoate is the derivatives of abamectin, emamectin benzoate original drug has moderately toxic, would not be influenced by storm weather, compared with abamectin, its activity on lepidopteran was increased 1-3 grades. Abamectin is a kind of highly toxic drug, currently, the use dosage of abamectin formulations in some areas have been too large, excessive residue. And abamectin products are primary the missible oil, emissions more organic compound is not conducive to environmental safety. Relatively speaking, the activity of emamectin benzoate is higher, fewer residue, less toxic, better security. And formulations are advanced, environmental friendly. From the global pesticide market, the sales of bio-pesticides and transgenic technology pesticide only account for 10% of the global pesticide sales. But this figure is still less than 5% in China, it also means that abamectin also have a good market development space in China. As the farmer's raising the awareness on the characteristics of abamectin and its derivative pesticides, it is the most popular and competitive product in current bio-pesticide market. With the abamectin and emamectin benzoate widely used on rice, it has completed the last major market development, expected that the future development direction can be the emamectin benzoate replace the market space of abamectin.


Emamectin benzoate as a kind of high efficiency, low toxicity, green bio-pesticides, has broad market prospect. When the department of plant protection, agricultural extension department and distributors advertising, they should pay attention to guide farmers rationally use drug, do not step into the shoes of abamectin, so that it can keep "green" youth.


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