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You ask, what is a fountain water level controller?  It is a device that controls the level of water in a fountain. If you own a fountain or are thinking of getting one in the future or have a friend or family member who owns one, you need to read this article.

There are over ten million fountains in use at the present time in the United States alone,Guest Posting with the majority of those needing to be topped off with water twice a week due to water loss from evaporation and splattering. Most are filled using a garden hose, some with a bucket or container and others plumbed direct and filled by opening a faucet. There are thousands of gallons of water wasted weekly from unattended hoses or water valves. Not to mention property damage, insurance claims and lawsuits.

The attendants get side tracked, distracted or interrupted; consequently the hose or water supply line continues to fill and spill over, and floods the surrounding area with water until the attendant recognizes his mistake or someone else discovers it. Has that happened to you? Well, I have been retired from the pond, waterfall and fountain design and construction business and I myself owned a fountain and a pond.  I accidentally left the water running in both of them many times. While filling my pond, we left on a picnic for the entire day, during which time an uninterrupted flow of chlorinated city water caused the death of several thousand dollars’ worth of my koi fish.

So far, I have only mentioned wasted water, property damage and possible lawsuits. How about the countless hours of wasted time filling or adding water to the fountain? And what about the cost of replacing a pump that ran dry, overheated and burned up because you forgot to add water? Over the past thirty years I have seen countless fountains sitting idle, half full of water and rotting leaves and mosquito larvae. I don’t think that this was the vision that the owner originally had for a garden filled with the sounds of a tranquil fountain.

A fountain water leveler would not only have prevented all that waste, it is affordable and easy to install. Because it is electronic and not mechanical, like the toilet tank-type floats, it will not stick or jam. Here are  a few of the most popular fountain water leveler manufacturers:   Levelor,  OASE Levetron,  Savio Water Level Sensor, Jandy water Leveler, Fiberstar water level controller,  Pentair water leveler and the AquaFill Fountain Water Leveler. The retail pricing on fountain water levelers range from an outrageous $599 to a mere $69, with warranties starting at one year up to an unconditional five years. Only one manufacturer offers a 100% satisfaction guaranteed or your money back. To find the right one for you, enter fountain water leveler into Google and start shopping for peace of mind and enjoying your fountain again. If you have not yet purchased a fountain, do so with confidence, just remember to invest in a fountain water level device. 

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