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How will you cook if you no longer have electricity? Do you have a camp stove and an adequate supply of fuel? Using a solar oven eliminates the need to store fuel and will serve you well whether in an emergency situation or not.

An increasing number of families are realizing they cannot continue to spend more than they earn while expecting to get ahead or,Guest Posting more importantly, enjoy life. Our society has become driven to keep up with the Jones' at any cost, which results in second and third mortgages and crushing credit card debt. Pay later? The truth will be revealed, later soon becomes too late. Americans are motivated by the media's pronouncements that "you deserve it" or "you have earned it". Buy it now and enjoy, this will bring you happiness and great pleasure.

America is discovering the truth the hard way, "there is no such thing as a free lunch." Whatever happened to delayed gratification? Most children today have been deceived into believing they deserve everything their parents have, and want it now! I wonder who taught them that lie from the pits of hell? I think it started with the commercials on TeleTubbies, and they were not directed at the parents.

Many families are beginning to see the futility of the rat race and consequently are embracing the idea of provident living to gain greater peace of mind. This holds the promise of being prepared to meet life's challenges and unexpected events. Provident has several meanings, which include spending less than you earn, preparing for cloudy days ahead, and planning for the obvious storm gathering on the horizon.

Provident living can also mean focusing on life's basic necessities and practicalities while acquiring the skills necessary to be self-reliant in times of personal or widespread calamity. People once upon a time would mock and laugh at the "Jesus Freak" carrying the placard, proclaiming the need to repent, for the end of the world is near. They are no longer laughing but are, rather, taking up the banner themselves.

Common sense would dictate that in light of the current world's political climate, with the meltdown of our constitutional rights and the growing civil unrest, we should expect the best while preparing for the worst. I am speaking of preparing for both man-made and natural disasters. In the event of a terrorist attack on our electrical grid system, earthquake etc., do you have sufficient water and food storage, emergency supplies and equipment? For example, how will you cook if you no longer have electricity? Do you have a camp stove and an adequate supply of fuel?

Personally, I have stockpiled canned meats, fish, butter, cheese, condensed milk, powered eggs, freeze dried fruits and vegetables, rice, flour, cornmeal, oatmeal, wheat cereal, beans, spices, sugar etc. Most of these items, if properly packaged, have more than 5 years of storage life. What about seeds for growing a garden?

How will I cook this food? Well, I could do as most do, buy a propane or gas camp stove, or a dual fuel stove which uses both types of fuel. How much fuel can be safely stored? What if you have to leave your home and neighborhood in a hurry? Many families who practice provident living have set aside food but struggle with the issue of how to safely store enough fuel. There is an answer to this dilemma, and it involves no fuel storage at all!

Using a solar oven eliminates the need to store fuel. Solar ovens use only the energy from the sun. There are a couple of sun ovens that will reach and maintain 350 degrees Fahrenheit, and as much as 400 degrees. Anything that can be cooked or baked in a conventional oven can also be cooked in a sun oven, in the same amount of time. You just need sun. In areas blessed with an abundance of sunshine, the sun oven can cook up to 70% of a family's meals. Even though it is called a solar powered oven, food can be baked, boiled, and steamed. As an added bonus, the food will never burn.

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