Multi Level Parking Module in Urban Areas

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With the advancement of Science and Technology, the number of cars and other vehicles has increased on roads of all cities of the world. The urban roads constructed in the past in old traditional way have proved incapable to accommodate increasing number of vehicles.

The existing towns are also lacking the facility of parking,Guest Posting due to which the vehicles are being parked along the road sides, residential streets, foot paths and green verges of the roads which causes frequent traffic jams.

The precious time of workers is wasted due to traffic jams and if this problem is not solved at this stage, and then it would become a serious and complicated problem in future. This problem is required to be solved immediately by constructing multi level parking complexes at prominent places. The shortage of funds may be the problem coming in the way of local development authorities for the execution of such projects. For solving the above problems, adoption of “Multi level Parking Module” as described below is recommended. 

• The local development authorities have to identify the sites adjoining to the main business areas for the establishment of multi level parking complexes.  If acquired land is not available then after conducting feasibility surveys, the areas could be selected for the construction of such complexes below open spaces, parks and even below the right of way of roads.   In such areas, multi level parking complexes should only be constructed below ground by taking 2-3 level basements without disturbing existing surface level land uses.

• In case, even if open spaces and parks are not available then multi level parking complexes be constructed below the built up areas without disturbing the existing buildings on the pattern of underground railway stations constructed for Delhi Metro Rail. For taking such decisions feasibility study is required to be carried out by the Specialized Agency.

• The problem of arranging funds for construction and operation of such parking complexes can be solved by allowing construction, operation and maintenance of such projects on B.O.T. basis. The surface parking spaces in most of the towns especially near railway stations, bus stands, shopping centers have already been commercialized. Therefore, such projects can be run by private persons on commercial basis by obtaining CLU permissions. Govt. should also frame a policy for the promotion of multi level parking complexes by giving special rebate / concession in CLU and development charges.  

• In order to make such projects economically viable, about 10 percent of total floor area of such projects may be allowed to be exploited for commercial purpose by the private developer so that such facilities could be promoted.

• “Modern automatic computerized parking technique for parking the vehicles within the complex should be adopted by installing lift systems so that maximum numbers of cars could be accommodated within the minimum available space. In controlled Areas Multi Level parking complexes can only be established by obtaining CLU permissions. For rest of the points study of “Haryana Town Planning Guide” is recommended.

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