PVC Greenhouses

Apr 18


Ray Yan

Ray Yan

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Getting Started on a PVC Greenhouse


If you're looking for a fun,PVC Greenhouses Articles useful garden project that you can complete in a weekend, why not build a greenhouse? A PVC greenhouse is easy to build, inexpensive, and can be as large or small as your garden needs. They're also easy to take down and rebuild, so once you're finished gardening for the year, you can take your greenhouse apart and store it for next year.

To build a basic tent style greenhouse, simply bend 1 inch PVC pipes into a half circle shape, insert into the ground over your garden row, and drape clear plastic film over the frame. Use boards or stones to hold the plastic in place, and don't forget to cover the ends. If you'd like, run a drip irrigation hose down the length of your row, to eliminate the need to uncover your plants for watering every day.

A more complex greenhouse can be built by making a "house" out of PVC and plastic film. Free plans are available online, or you can follow these simple directions. Take four PVC pipes at least 3 inches in diameter, and sink them into small buckets of cement so they stand upright. Place the buckets at each corner, then use pipe connectors to connect the corners and make a simple house shape.

Stretch plastic film around the exterior of the house and over the roof, using a spray on plastic adhesive to attach it to the pipes. If you want a "real" door for your greenhouse, add a door frame, and make your door to fit. Attach with simple cabinet hinges. A tent style flap opening will work just as well, and may help keep your greenhouse from overheating.

You can floor your walk-in greenhouse with cedar mulch to help prevent drafts, but flooring isn't really needed. Temperatures inside your PVC greenhouse will average 20 degrees warmer than the outside air on sunny days, so some air flow is desirable to keep plants from suffering heat damage.

When your greenhouse is no longer needed, simply peel off the plastic film, fold it up, and take the pipes apart at the fittings. You can store your greenhouse for next year in any shed or garage, and put it back together in a matter of minutes when you need to use it again.

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