The Chief 700- Cold fogging machine in India

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Best cold fogging machine in India. 

Meet The Chief. The Chief 700.

Better Then The Best- Heavy Commercial Use.

During this Corona Virus Pandemic,Guest Posting we need to become more hygienic than ever. All schools, colleges, etc are yet to be open. Be tackle with this situation we need more efficient and prominent machine.
Foggers India gives you the best solution for all these problems. CHIEF 700 Electric Portable ULV/MISTER. Very handy, easy to use
Areas Of Applications:
1. Hospitals
3. Offices
4. Institutional Areas
5. Theaters
6. Manufacturing Plants
and so on....
Technical Specifications:
Powered By 700 watts SAMSUNG Motor.
Most Powerful Motor in the class with 35000 RPM Impeller Air Output at 2910 Ltr. /Minute
NOVA MIST Vortex Nozzles fitted with 6 vanes spiral and HDPE Diffusor.
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