China refuse America’s proposal on Diaoyu Island!

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Diao Yu island issue is a hot topic all over the world.

The on-going sovereignty dispute between Japan and the People's Republic of China on Diaoyu Islands raises a number of significant issues relative to island and maritime disputes in Asia Pacific rim. In general,Guest Posting the issue can be identified by three points. First of all, none of the three governments want the issue to become a source of difficulties in their bilateral relationships. However, the two governments are driven by a number of domestic and international political factors. Moreover, while the issue of ownership of natural resources is the main point in this dispute, it is believed that the dispute itself is not simply about "oil". Political issues related to other disputes and pressures from domestic interests make this dispute complicated. Finally, while conflict between the three countries over the dispute is unlikely, so is any form of resolution, or joint exploitation of the area's natural resources.

American as a third country, their foreign ministry sent an invitation to China, they think their Us-Japan security treaty should be applied to this issue. America proposal a three-way talks on this issue. But China refused to attend this meeting. They think this is a national problem with Japan not America. So they can’t accept their invitation. Chinese government claimed that we should deal this problem with Japan.

On the foreign ministry regular news conference, foreign ministry spokesperson Hong Lei said that, China attaches importance to the corporation and development relationship with Japan. Adhere to China-Japan strategic and mutually beneficial relations, according to the direction of the two countries’ fundamental interests. China advocates both sides according to the principle of four political documents. They want to solve the problems by dialogue and consultation between the two countries. And this issue will be solved by two countries effort. 

My personal opinion on this issue is we can’t involve in this issue as a third person. Since there is none of our business, or If you want to share some benefit. So please be kind to China and Japan. The only thing we should do is open your laptop and watch the news everyday, also please keep a good heart on this issue. all in all, a peace world is our best wish!

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