Cobb County Arrest Records Searches

Oct 21


Benj Adrian Prince

Benj Adrian Prince

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Learn how public law enforcement records are requested for these days. The internet approach to get these legal information becomes worthwhile to the community


If you want to get your hands on Cobb County Arrest Records,Cobb County Arrest Records Searches Articles pay a visit t the County Sheriff’s office. As the main arresting agency in the county, they exercise their duty of keeping track of records of arrests done within the county. The County Clerk also exercises keeping records of arrests in the county. If want to conduct a search but you are not sure which county to look for, you can visit the state repository of Georgia Arrest Records, along with other crime-related records in the state, which is the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.

Arrest records are made available to the public because they are deemed as part of the public domain. Any member of the general public are allowed to place a request, provided all requirements are met, but it is still the finaly say of the records’ custodian to accept the request or not.

It is allowed to request for your own records. If you do, you will be given full access to your records. Other people that can get full access to your records include your lawyer, the presiding judge of your case, the opposing party involve in your case, a law enforcer conducting an investigation that requires information from your record, and others, as long as they have the consent of the owner and the court. A full record contains the basic pieces of information of an arrest such as the name of the offender, the nature of offense committed, where the offense was committed, name of the arresting officer, and many more. It also includes some confidential information such as the personal information of the victim, detailed status of the case, some terms and conditions laid out by the judge, and others.

You can also request the records of others if you have a valid reason. One of the reasons why people request for arrest records is for a background check on peole that they are interested in – whether it is a nanny, a possible lifetime partner, a neighbor, a job applicant, a tutor, and others.

To start a search, secure the request form for arrest records from the Sheriff’s office, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, or the County Clerk’s office. You may also download the form from their respective websites. It is possible that you can get a copy of an arrest record for free if you are requesting at the county level, but if you are doing a state-wide search, you will be charged $15 for every transaction by the Bureau of Investigation. Once you get the form, provide the required pieces of information such as the name of the offender, case number, address, and others.

If you cannot physically submit your request at the any of the aforementioned agencies, you can conduct your search for a Cobb County Arrest Log through a website, that is not controlled by the government, that specializes in maintaining and providing such records to the public. There are a ton of information available on the Internet ready for the public’s disposal but not all are legit. Before you do any search from such websites, be sure to run a quick background check on them to have a better idea if they have a reputation of being legit suppliers of legit information. Once you have chosen the website to conduct your search on, all you need to provide to commence the search is a full name of a person or the case number.