Drugless Therapy for Mental Problems

Jun 5


Phil Bate, Phd

Phil Bate, Phd

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Drugless Therapy for Mental ProblemsThere’s a new drug free therapy for many, if not most, mental problems that has NO bad side effects. This ne...

Drugless Therapy for Mental Problems

There’s a new drug free therapy for many,Drugless Therapy for Mental Problems Articles if not most, mental problems that has NO bad side effects.  This new solution to these problems is easily affordable even to low income families.  (Unlike the time tested EEG Biofeedback (AKA Neurofeedback or Neurotherapy).  It works to change brain wave amplitudes in a different, simpler way than EEG Biofeedback.  It’s called “Neuroliminal Brain Wave Training”, although most just call it “Neuroliminal”.  (There’s a Patent Pending on this new usage).

How does it work?  It uses a special combination of speech and audio sounds combined in a subliminal message on a repeating CD.  This repetitive message might be called “beneficial brainwashing”.  Tests conducted over 3 years have proved that this therapy is very effective for ADD/ADHD, Depression, and Insomnia, and the latest test of 11 autistic kids ranging in age from 3 ½  to 11 showed the same overall improvement in an 8 week reporting period as would be expected in a similar group using EEG Biofeedback.  All of these are continuing to use their CD, and expect further improvement in “normalizing” their kids.

Earlier tests (2004) showed both Depression and Insomnia problems were solved within a few weeks or less.  In tests in 2005/6, over 20 ADD/ADHD sufferers solved these symptoms within 8 weeks.  They now are able to sit in class, concentrate, and learn.  In most cases, IQ scores improved considerably.  With Ritalin and other drugs, IQ is often affected adversely.  Why are we wasting our brightest kids this way?

What are the drawbacks?  It takes time to change brain wave amplitudes.  Even using EEG Biofeedback (AKA  Neurofeedback or Neurotherapy), it takes 60 sessions for most ADHD cases.  THERE ARE NO QUICK SOLUTIONS TO MENTAL PROBLEMS. 

Drugs never really solve such problems, they just relieve some symptoms, and their side-effects all too often lead to worse problems.  There are no such dangers from Neuroliminal Training.