Uttar Pradesh Power for All Scheme

Apr 26


Prince Vajpayee

Prince Vajpayee

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The Newly Appointed Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Aadityanath has launched many ambitious schemes in the state for the development of the state and its citizens. Recently, CM Yogi has launched 'Power for All Scheme' to provide 24-hour electricity supply in the state.


Uttar Pradesh Power for All Scheme

The Yogi Government (Uttar Pradesh Government) has launched many schemes after coming into power. The Yogi himself has said that people feel that we are working fast but in reality,Uttar Pradesh Power for All Scheme Articles the government should work on this speed. Yogi-Government put the foundation for fulfilling another promise made in his election. Now the 24 * 7 Power for All Scheme MoU will be signed between Uttar Pradesh and the Central Government.

What is Power for All Scheme

  • Providing 24-hour electricity to all consumers of the state till November 2018
  • Electricity connections to all houses of the state under the time bound limit till 2019
  • Ensuring investment to provide sufficient cash to all the corporations of the state
  • Take necessary steps to improve the balance sheet of corporations.
  • Prepare the necessary action plan to make line loss up to the threshold limit
  • Using modern technology for quality power supply
  • Electricity agreements at different prices, at an affordable cost, by assessing the demand for electricity in the future.
  • Upgrading distribution and transmission mechanism to consumers demand

Important things for Power for All Scheme

  • PM Modi’s mission will be to provide reliable and quality electrical power to all houses by 2019.
  • Central Government and the UPA government’s joint effort is to reach the 24 * 7 Power for All electricity supply of every household in UP till September 25, 2018.
  • To fulfill the ambitious resolution of the state government, a target of electrifying about 1.12 crore rural areas and 0.15 crore unauthorized homes of urban areas has been targeted at the war level.
  • Ujala scheme of the central government has been implemented in the whole of the state from today.
  • On the other hand, there is also a plan to give an energy efficient. Through the distribution corporations, the Government of India initiative EESL plans to sell energy-efficient bulb at 60 rupees and tube light at R 250 and fan at Rs 1150.
  • Like rural cities, rural consumers will also be provided with online e-payment facility through online media at www.uppclonline.com.
  • e-governance will be implemented to realize the dream of Digital India.
  • The toll-free number will be able to complain to the consumer on 1912.
  • Yogi Adityanath said on this occasion, “Ambedkar said that if Dalits are to get their rights, they will have to be educated, they will have to join the competition for him. If people go out from Uttar Pradesh then it is our image that we Do not want to go and we do not want to go ahead. “
  • Giving examples of electricity, he said, “When someone asked me, I would have used to say that where the darkness occurs at night, the boundary of the state begins.”
  • Recalling the old anecdote, the Chief Minister said, “Piyushji had scolded the officials in Gorakhpur why the street lights are On in the day, then we had said decently that there was no light in the night so there was On in the day.”
  • Adityanath complimented Energy Minister Piyush Goyal, saying, “Piyush Ji recommend me on every subject, I have to ask anything, I call him and he gives very accurate information.” Signature of Power for All It is the journey of Antyodaya. “
  • Being an attacker on the previous government, he said, “The first four districts were getting electricity and it was dependent on CM because if a leader considers himself to be distinct, then it is an insult to democracy. If there is any specific in democracy, then this is Janata Janardhan. The poor of the country has high ethics and we will give the connection of meters and electricity. “
  • Piyush Goyal Energy Minister while addressing everyone on the occasion said, “I am sorry to say that the previous state government was stuck on that they will not implement this UJALA scheme till we do not put the photograph of Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav on this scheme.”
  • Explaining the Ujala plan, he said, “Ujala Yojna has been implemented from today and 3.5 lakh bulbs have been sold till 3 pm in the entire state. Bulbs will be sold for 60 rupees there are around 3 Crores houses in rural areas and 1.5 crores houses in cities than approximately 17 crores bulbs would be sold. For two years, the central government had followed, but the state government did not allow the Ujala scheme to be implemented properly. “

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