5 Ways to Simplify Your Workflows with AdvancedMD EMR Software

Mar 2


Mark Fauver

Mark Fauver

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Simplifying your workflow means performing multiple patient and practice-focused tasks almost simultaneously. This requires a lot of teamwork and technology. AdvancedMD Software automates mots of your front office, back office, and billing tasks, so you can enhance staff efficiency, their access to information and save time and money by getting rid of inefficiencies in your workflow.


To ensure that your practice runs like a well-oiled machine,5 Ways to Simplify Your Workflows with AdvancedMD EMR Software Articles you need an integrated system that offers almost everything you need to simplify your workflow. Today, practice management solutions like AdvancedMD Software are providing an entire ecosystem that includes a network of services designed to work with various organizations and departments. This ecosystem ensures improved quality of patient care and delivers the functionality that practices need today.  With a seamless interface that supports the automation of tasks and seamless flow of information, you will have greater clinical and administrative efficiency. This article looks at how AdavncedMD EHR Software leaves you with more quality time to spend caring for your patients by streamlining daily practice tasks and workflows.


  • Use of technology to improve front office task flow


The first thing you can do to improve your front office flow is to move away from traditional, paper-based systems for automating your practice tasks.  AdvancedMD replaces these old systems with a continuous flow system that makes information readily accessible everywhere in the office simultaneously and can be acted on instantly anywhere in the clinic. This platform enhances your front office patient flow and information flow by leveraging existing technology. 

AdvancedMD EHR Software believes that technological advancements in healthcare, such as the electronic health record (EHR), offer practitioners multiple options for improving the overall quality and efficiency of patient care. The practise management software by AdvancedMD takes the tasks that slow you down and interrupt your workflow and automates them to ensure a seamless front office experience.


  • Optimize Patient Scheduling


Patient scheduling is one of the fundamentals of operating systems in your practice for improved care delivery: patient and staff satisfaction and practice profitability. AdvancedMD comes with an electronic scheduling and appointment system that ensures your practice is operating at full capacity. With its efficient management, your practice staff may be able to schedule a few extra appointments each day, which could be helpful to boost your bottom line.

AdvancedScheduling offers a comprehensive suite of features to organize your scheduling, such as instant schedule management, scheduling tools that can help you overbook, quickly search for the next opening, manage waitlists, and set recurring patient appointments. It provides a system that uses cloud technology to lets you access and manage your schedules from anywhere.


  • Optimize back-office tasks


Back-office tasks are focused on providing high-quality clinical care. AdvancedMD offers charting that is maintained in its cloud-based system to enable several users to refer to charts and information from a secure, single sign-on. It creates interoperability among a wide range of systems when patient information is stored in a secure site that can be easily accessed via the Internet. With cloud-based services, back-office staff can get the flexibility to renew prescriptions or review charts anytime from a laptop or mobile device.

This platform additionally streamlines workflow for the practice to enable intelligent work delegation and maximize practice efficiency. Users benefit from its AdvancedCloud and AdvancedMobile iOS app to make their documentation tasks better organized and more manageable. On top of this, it's fully integrated with AdvancedBilling and AdvancedScheduling to make your software experience as seamless as possible. The care management system by the vendor effortlessly blends data from multiple sources to create interfaces for participating providers.

  1. Utilize a patient kiosk to complete forms

The best thing about a patient kiosk is that it helps office staff take the work off their plate and get the patient to pitch in and help. AdvancedMD EHR offers a check-in patient kiosk that not only provides patients more autonomy concerning medical decisions but is now put to work entering their medical history to be reviewed at the time of the office visit.

 This check-in kiosk comes with user-customizable patient forms to provide users with multiple workflow options for their practice. Your practice staff can quickly assign forms prior to appointments through a secure patient portal, which saves precious time and frees up your front office workflow. With an iPad check-in kiosk, patients are able to read, edit and sign faster than the old pen and clipboard method.


  • Optimize billing tasks


Billing is the most task for the financial health of a healthcare facility. AdvancedBilling efficiently guides users through the claim progression with checks and balances to ensure boosted revenue. It supports seamless data transfers to let charges automatically pass from the platform's EHR system, ensuring that the billing process starts immediately following the encounter without double data entry to improve your workflow.

This billing system enables you to manage your entire claim process in one place. It additionally includes a robust clearinghouse that automates manual processes and improves practice workflow. In ClaimsCenter creates claims status tracking, autogenerated worklists, and centralized billing for several sites and providers. Moreover, ClaimInspector automatically scrubs claims to check for errors, so users can easily target and rectify claim issues before submission.