Anal Fissures: What Happens if they are Left Untreated?

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People who have been afflicted, or are currently being afflicted, by anal fissures frequently ask What happen if anal fissures are left untreated. Normally, anal fissures disappear after just a couple of days or weeks.

Leave them alone and they will be gone before you even notice. In order to prevent them from coming back,Guest Posting what should be done is to stop the source, that is constipation, from ever happening again by eating right and drinking more fluids. However, aside from this, people wonder What happen if anal fissures are left untreated. The answer is quite simple: it will stay there until it completely heals.

The fissure can be diagnosed by a medical professional by means of a rectal examination. Once the fissure is diagnosed, over-the-counter medications that normally aim to alleviate pain may be recommended. Anal fissures can also be treated by increasing the anal region’s blood supply. Doctors oftentimes prescribe laxatives as a way to make the stool softer, as well as sitz baths in order to cleanse the area where the anal fissure is located.

As for treatments that involve surgery, there is a procedure available called the lateral internal sphincterotomy. The procedure involves making a cut in the anal sphincter, thereby relaxing the muscle and allowing blood flow in the anal region. Increasing blood flow will aid in speeding up the process of healing the anal fissure.
Another effective procedure is the insertion of BOTOX into the anal sphincter. This is very effective in relaxing the sphincter and promoting blood flow to the affected areas in the anus. The effects on this treatment can last for as long as three months and can be repeated if the fissures reoccur.

However, these days, with the advancement of technology, surgery is becoming less of a necessity, with medications aimed towards having the same effect as surgery being produced in order to help those who suffer from anal fissures. These substitutes often include topical ointments and suppositories, as well as modern therapy.

Anal fissures do not really pose any significant danger to anyone. The fissures just happen to be anal canal abrasions caused by the passage of large chunks of stool which cannot be handled easily by the anal canal, since its ability to stretch is quite limited. It is a simple wound that can heal by itself, given enough time, just like wounds in any other part of the body. The only thing that makes it so annoying and probably worrying is that it brings pain whenever a person tries to defecate.

As with any bodily problems, of course, it would still be best if you actually do something about your anal fissure and not just let it sit there to heal itself. Aside from the medical treatments that you can undergo, you should also consider making changes to your diet and to your lifestyle. Prevent eating foods that can damage your anal area such as those that are hard to digest and have “edges” on them like popcorn and nuts. You should also make it a priority to drink more and eat more fiber.

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