9 Best Clinics in Dubai UAE

Jan 30


Sara Abadi

Sara Abadi

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Here we have listed some of the best clinics in dubai, UAE.


Clinics play the vital role of taking care of the wellbeing of the people and see that the patients are provided with the best possible diagnosis and treatment for whatever health issues they may develop. In Dubai,9 Best Clinics in Dubai UAE Articles many multispecialty clinics with skilled doctors provide world-class healthcare services using the latest techniques and equipment.

This list of the 9 best clinics listed on ATNInfo directory will guide you in choosing the right ones for you:       

  1. Abbara Polyclinic
    Based in Al Muraqqabat, this Polyclinic is a reputed multispecialty clinic that provides services in different areas. Some of the leading departments of this clinic are implantology, dentistry, periodontics, orthopedics, urology, and gynecology. All its services come at very affordable rates, and the clinic utilizes the latest techniques to provide the best possible service to its clients.

  2. Abdul Latheefs Clinic Doctor
    Located conveniently at Deira, Dubai, Dr Abdul Latheefs Clinic is a renowned multispecialty clinic. It offers high-quality specialty services such as general surgery, thoracic surgery, and pediatric surgery. The clinic has got specialized doctors such as dentists or general physicians, and the latest equipment is used for the treatment of the patients. The staff of the clinic is very polite and friendly towards all its patients. The clinic’s consultation fees are very reasonable, and it has many happy clients on its list.  

  3. Azzam Al Abdul Razzak Clinic Doctor
    Dr Azzam Al Abdul Razzak Clinic has been providing superior-quality medical services for the people of Dubai for many years. The clinic consists of very talented and experienced doctors who are outstanding in their service to patients. The laboratory of the clinic has got all the modern equipment required, and the clinic offers specialized services like neurological and pediatric consultations, ENT, and gynecological consultations also.   

  4. Abuhamour Medical Center
    Abuhamour Medical Center is known for its service in the specialized fields of Gastroenterology, Obstetrics-Gynecology, and Endocrinology-Diabetology. The clinic specializes in all aspects of internal diseases and focuses on their prevention, diagnosis, and treatment. The doctors are very concerned about their patients’ wellbeing and guide them on fitness, lifestyle, and nutrition. 

  5. Adnan Mohammed Kaddaha Doctor
    Dr Adnan Mohammed Kaddaha is an English-speaking doctor, who possesses an experience of more than 30 years in Dubai, and has been passionately serving numerous patients in the middle and high-income categories. His clinic follows a patient-centred approach and has been responsible for the treatment of many acute and chronic illnesses. The clinic also provides consultation regarding the prevention of diseases and the maintenance of good health.   

  6. Advanced Hearing and Balance Center
    Advance Hearing and Balance Center is famous for its unique approach to the treatment of diseases. The centre provides treatment for all kinds of ear, nose, and throat afflictions. It is well aware of how ENT problems can affect the lifestyle of a person, and so it dedicatedly strives to offer the best possible treatments based on the unique requirements of their patients. The staff is very kind and polite to the patients and sees that the patients get the most satisfactory remedy for their ailments. The clinic has well-trained ENT specialists such as audiologists, and speech therapists, who take care of all the aspects like diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation. All these procedures, including minor surgeries, are done on-site using the latest advanced techniques for the maximum convenience of the patients.    

  7. Advance Pet Care Clinic
    Advance Pet Care Clinic is a top-rated pet clinic that specializes in providing veterinary services to take care of all your pet’s health issues. Their staff includes highly-skilled and experienced veterinarians and their assistants, who together offer world-class service for pets in Dubai. The clinic has steadily gained a name for its outstanding service and very reasonable fees. The healthcare is fully equipped to take care of any emergencies, and for that reason, provide a 24x7 emergency number. The clinic takes exceptional care of its customers and has even arranged for a parking place near the clinic. There is also a comfortable reception room with facilities, including refreshments and television.     

  8. Advanced Radiology Center
    For more than a decade, Advanced Radiology Center has been providing imaging services and scans for its clients in Dubai and other communities of the UAE. Included in their services are general x-ray, CT scans, MRI, 4D ultrasound, 3D Mammography, etc. together with other testing services. The centre uses the latest advanced techniques, like PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System). The combination of modern technology, radiological expertise, and the newest equipment allows them to provide excellent service to the patients.   

  9. Advanced Specialty Clinic
    It is a multi-specialty clinic based in Al Mizhar. It specializes in dermatology, aesthetic and plastic surgery. They also deal with issues related to gynecology and minor and chronic illness. They have experienced team of healthcare professionals who are dedicated to delivering quality healthcare to their patients in their best and fullest capacity. 

With this detailed list of the best clinics available in Dubai, you can be assured that you and your family’s health is in safe hands, and you can live a very productive and happy life free from troublesome medical issues. 

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