A General Overview of Arthroscopy

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If you have problems with your joints, and in particular your knee or shoulder joints then the doctor may suggest that you have a procedure known as an arthroscopy. Here we provide a general overview of what this medical technique is.

An arthroscopy is a type of surgical procedure that makes use of a television camera to view the inside area of a joint in the human body. It is also sometimes referred to by the medical community as scoping a joint or arthroscopic surgery. It is an orthopedic kind of procedure that can allow the doctor to examine the joint closer than he would be able to otherwise.

There are a number of orthopedic procedures that are done using arthroscopy. One example of this would be the removal of a torn meniscus in the joint of the knee. This procedure is most often used for the knee and shoulder joints but scoping is not as commonly used in other joints of the body.

In the past during surgery a large incision would have to be made in order for the damaged joint to be examined at a closer range. Thanks to the introduction of the scoping technique,Guest Posting small incisions are made in the skin and then a small camera, known as the arthroscope, is inserted into the joint. The surgeon can then do what needs to be done to inspect the joint and determine what the problem is and from there decide upon the best course of treatment. He can take tissue samples if he wants to and he can also take photographs with the miniature camera.

The surgeon can watch on a monitor in the same room as the arthroscopy is taking place in. This medical invention represents a true advancement in medical technology that is of tremendous use to doctors. It is also safer for patients because it involves tiny incisions as opposed to big ones. The recuperation period needed following an arthroscopy is generally less than what is required for an open procedure. However the open procedure is still used on some patients as there are incidences where scoping is not the most appropriate option. This is something the surgeon will talk with you about before the date for the surgery is scheduled.

Arthroscopic surgery is sometimes used on its own while at other times it is used in conjunction with other surgical methods. A doctor may use the procedure on a knee joint or shoulder joint and then discover that another problem exists and from there need to put another technique to use.

This is a minimally invasive procedure that in most cases is performed on an outpatient basis. What this means is that the patient does not have to remain in the hospital overnight and can instead go home the same day that the operation takes place. From there healing can get underway.

Surgeons perform arthroscopy on their patients to inspect the joints and to figure out either the cause of joint damage and pain or to discover the extent to which the joint is damaged. If other medical tests such as CT scans, MRI's or x-rays have not been able to illuminate the cause of the joint damage then scoping will be done to come up with a proper diagnosis that the surgeon can work with to find a successful treatment for the joint condition.

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