Complications to Expect from Prolonged and Untreated Anal Fissures

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The one truth about any disease or condition is that they will gradually worsen the longer they are left to their own devices. This is the same with anal fissures as the condition, in essence, is a wound located on one of the easily-compromised areas in the body due to its vicinity to bacteria.

What are the complications associated with untreated anal fissures? Below are a few conditions to expect should an anal fissure stay in the body for far too long than necessary.

Inability to Heal

An acute fissure left untreated becomes a chronic fissure. As the name would imply,Guest Posting the fissure would become recurring in nature, takes deeper root. As the fissure reaches the internal anal sphincter muscle (the one that keeps the anus closed when not going through bowel movement), it may hit the blood vessels which results in a reduced flow of blood. This, in turn, impairs the wound in its ability to heal.


A fissure, in its most advanced form, can form an ulcer which is an open sore caused by the wound's impaired healing ability. As it is an open wound, the fissure is very vulnerable to infections due to the fact that it is in the direct path of stool which contains highly active bacteria. Upon contact with the fecal bacteria, the wound may develop an infection characterized by a mucus or pus-like discharge and irritation. If prolonged, it would become an ulcer.

The buildup of bacteria in the anal area would also leave a person with a severely weakened immune system the longer the fissure develops. A person might encounter an increased number of instances where he felt chills and fevers which is indicative of their body constantly battling bacterial buildup.

Anal Cancer

If prolonged for far too long, the person might increase his chances of anal cancer which have been known to claim the lives of several individuals in a single year. However, there is no direct link between fissures and the growth of anal tumors and the chances of developing one would depend greatly on a person's medical history. Despite these, most of those who suffer from anal cancer had at one point in their life that was left untreated.


Due to the risks that a person has to encounter should their fissures be left untreated, it is imperative that they head to their physician the moment that they experience the earliest symptoms of fissures namely pain and bleeding during bowel movements. A medical expert can immediately diagnose the state of the wound and perform the necessary intervention. Once the wound has been treated and the muscles around it relaxed, the patient might be recommended to engage in constant physical activity and a new diet to ensure the formation of soft stool.

What are the complications associated with untreated anal fissures? Though few, the risks of not having a fissure treated can be too great to remain unnoticed. Keeping the anal area clean at all times and reporting to the nearest medical facility in the event of the formation of another wound, would ensure that worst case scenario can be averted.

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