Arthritis – More Than a Disease of Old Age

Feb 24


Craig Jacobson

Craig Jacobson

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Light and Nutrition are a great combination for arthritis symptom relief. Applied in a strategic protocol, the two enhance the body's immune response. There's a future for luminary medicine and nutrition that seems to know no bounds.


The common misconception is that only senior citizens get arthritis. However,Arthritis – More Than a Disease of Old Age Articles the aging population isn’t the only group suffering from this common ailment. It can begin in the teens and twenties when the required body conditions are present.

So why do young people suffer from sore knees, sore ankles, stiffness and dermal arthritis? The attending loss of movement from stiffness is usually accompanied with pain that throbs even when the body is at rest. Is this stiffness caused just by calcium build-up in the joints? If so, why does the calcium begin to collect at the injury sites shortly after the trauma that initiated the affliction?

Most people who endure arthritis pain just want it to stop. They bypass the cause of the symptoms and default to convenient and available over-the-counter pain remedies like acetaminophen or ibuprofen. These may reduce the pain and inflammation but they just delay the sufferer from finding a cause and changing body conditions to address their discomfort’s root cause.

Complementary medicine says the cause is acidic tissue conditions. Traditional medicine poses the idea that it’s just a condition of wear and tear caused by aging but that doesn’t explain why younger people suffer arthritis. Perhaps there is another cause…a root cause.

Yes, there is a root cause but chances are you’ve never heard of it. The possibility of inflammation could be the presence of infection. Infections in the joint tissue causes the synovial fluid in the joints to dry thus removing the lubrication that allows the joints to move smoothly. When lubrication is gone, joint movement is often troubled by bone rubbing directly on cartilage and eventually bone on bone. The joint tissues becomes inflamed as they wear down from the friction of ordinary bodily movement. Results include the pain, swelling and tenderness in the immediate area.

Where does this infection come from? How can I treat it when it’s buried deep in the joints? Why isn’t there a cure for arthritis when almost 24 million Americans are afflicted with this disease? Could be the cause is known but traditional medicine won’t deal with it because it falls in the jurisdiction of dentists?

According to Dr. Meinig’s book “Root Canal Cover-up”, there are infections in the mouth, gums, jaw and teeth called focal infections. These infections occur after the filling materials used in restorative dentistry dry and shrink leaving a pocket where almost small remnants of bacteria can grow and create virulent, focal infections. What is even more amazing is that these bacterial strains can literally metastasize as identical strains elsewhere in the body tissues which are weakened. They’re literally broadcast from the head, mouth and throat to joints, connective tissue and even organs weakened by stress and disease.

The presence of focal infections in the body causes the blood to become acidic. When blood acidosis occurs in the body, calcium is drawn out of the skeleton into the blood stream. Thus, a cascade effect becomes critical. The infections in the peripheral joints, connective tissue and organs causes the body to send more blood to these weakened areas which delivers more acidic calcium into the already struggling joints. This calcium begins layering rough ionic-calcium on the infected areas where it can cause increased irritation. As the calcium deposits grow, the pain, stiffness and loss of movement increase as calcium grates on calcium within the infected synovial sack and aggravates tender tissues causing more joint pain.

Over-the-counter pain remedies may temporarily reduce the pain and inflammation, but they don’t address the infections, normalize the acidic blood pH, or reduce the calcium deposits. If left unattended, they can become disfiguring as the knots of calcium grow.b

How does someone stop this cycle of infection, pain, stiffness, calcium deposits and blood acidity? We have found that the one sure way to intervene is to attack the infections. The fastest way to eliminate infections is the daily use of personal, low-powered lasers with nutrition that normalizes calcium management. Personal lasers (penlight, laser pointers) are readily available from your local business supply store or through the Internet.

The FDA has determined that soft-tissue (low-powered) lasers won’t harm human tissue. What lasers do for infections is nothing but miraculous. Lasers seem to have the benefit of killing bacteria and viruses which create the environment for the focal infections in the head, mouth and throat. More importantly, they energize the surrounding cellular metabolism so cells can function more efficiently. By efficiently, we mean they can increase their activity and return optimum cellular immunity’s intelligence and identity.

Cellular intelligence directs energized cells to read their DNA instructions contained in the genes. This increases the cellular identity so they can read their genetic blueprint. The increased intelligence and identity facilitate cells to normalize which increases their immune response. Immune response increases the cell’s ability to attacks these infections. Healthier cells can then eliminate their waste properly while absorbing nutrition and oxygen at normal levels. As the infections die-off, the acid levels of the blood stabilize at 6.0-7.2 pH and healing begins. The blood stream is no longer delivering infections or ionic-calcium deposits and the joint tissue begins to normalize.

It appears that laser scanning the cause or focal infections in the head, jaw, and throat while simultaneously laser scanning the peripheral infected joint(s) can turn off both infection sites in just days to weeks – much quicker than other complementary protocols which take months to years to deliver relief. We address the blood pH with the addition of chlorophyll and/or aloe vera which keeps the blood in the optimum healing range of 6.5-7.0 pH. With the additional attention we pay to the glandular balance of the thyroid/parathyroid glands with the adrenal glands we can induce the body to again manage calcium properly so it’s not flooding the blood with ionic-calcium. Proper calcium management and balanced pH can help the body reabsorb calcium deposits and thus reverse the irritants in the joints and connective tissue.

This process may seem complicated. Coaching can simplify the process and bring the key elements into play very quickly. Whether it’s aging, sports injuries, or simply the presence of untreated infections, the cause of arthritis can be addressed with simple nutrients and laser scans to reverse the symptoms and reduce the suffering. Continuing this process long enough can actually eliminate joint discomfort and return the user to optimum joint health.

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