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Migraine suffers can find help with an old formula that keeps the brain clear of pain, fogginess, and memory lapses. Appears to reduce these symptoms and build clarity, concise thinking, and help recover maximum functionality. Reduces accumulations of stress by-products and thus diminishes the occurence of migraines. Also seems to help stimulate clear thought, memory recall, and top-performance in most mental gymnastics of work and school.

As a recovered victim of learning disabilities,Guest Posting stress disorder, and brain chemistry challenges, I was forced to find a simple remedy to the many symptoms of brain imbalance. Recovering from the grief of a fiancée's death at 19, I spiraled into all these symptoms with no apparent way out. ADD and ADHD were words that hadn't even been invented at that time. We began researching what caused these symptoms.

What we didn't know then was that stress overloads the brain with accumulated waste from burning up to 50% of the body's fuel. When we're thinking, the brain's neurons fire across the synapses to produce thought. Like other body cells, the brain cells are dependent on sufficient metabolic fuel and oxygen to work properly. However, when we put the brain on overload with worries and stress, the brain cells begin to lose efficiency due to accumulated waste products from accelerated fuel processing. The result can be brain fatigue, brain fog, lack of focus, lowering of concentration, abnormal behavior, with accompanying headaches and migraines.

Similar to muscles overworked, the neurons produce a by-product similar to the lactic acid that causes muscle soreness after strenuous workouts. In the case of the brain, this by-product begins to coat the cellular membrane with a substance that limits cellular efficiency. Waste product elimination slows and the membrane's coating multiplies. Cell membranes normally are only two molecules thick which allows permeability; waste coatings thicken and further limit this permeability. This thickening also limits the intake of food and oxygen so the cell must reduce metabolism. Cellular energy as well as your energy begin to wane.

We were driven to finding a cure for my chemical imbalance. What we found in 1971 was an article by Abram Hoffer, a Canadian psychologist, that indicated brain chemistry imbalance could be restored by the use of niacin, vitamin C and L-Glutamic Acid. His article explained that niacin helps the brain cells to fire with adequate strength to cross the synaptic gap between neurons. Vitamin C allows assists all our body's' cells to deal with stress.

The most amazing part of his discovery was that over-stressed brain activity produces cellular ammonia as a by-product from too much thought. Overwork causes the brain neuron's cellular membrane to become coated sufficiently with ammonia to limit their ingestion of oxygen and nutrition and their elimination of waste products. Cells become sluggish from lack of respiration (breathing in oxygen and fuel and then expelling waste) Don't you get tired when you're out of breath or constipated?

What Hoffer postulated was that abnormalities of brain chemistry could lead to learning disabilities, personality disorders, hyperactivity, and worse. Could it be that much of our psychological challenges as a society be simple imbalances of brain chemistry? Can an author clear "writer's block" or an artist get beyond their creativity lockup? Perhaps even more dire symptoms such as schizophrenia, bi-polar personalities and other psychological disorders are affected by nourishing the brain tissue.

A recent client had been plagued by migraines her entire life. She had no history of head trauma. She didn't smoke or drink alcohol to excess. However, she did have a heavy stress load from operating multiple retail businesses. She made endless lists of to-do's that kept her brain overly active eighteen hours a day. Periodically she'd reach a point of exhaustion and spiral into a migraine, back pain and serious indigestion. If left to run its course without intervention, the migraine and accompaning discomforts would require a couple to a few days to clear while she remained bedridden.

As she related her symptoms to me, I suggested we intervene with her migraine and try an over-the-counter anti-inflammatory remedy combined with L-Glutamic, niacin(imide) or Vit-B3(a), and Vit-C. A couple nights later another migraine crashed into her so she quickly took one ibuprophen, L-Glutamic, Vit-C and niacinimide. She was astounded how quickly her migraine slowed. The pain stopped its advance enough to allow her to sleep and the next morning she awoke clear of pain and other migraine symptoms.

L-Glutamic acid apparently converts the ammonia coating the cellular membranes and recycles it into a form of fuel the brain uses for energy. Once the ammonia contaminant is gone, normal brain activity is once again available and most abnormal symptoms disappear or are vastly lessened. What occurred is once the cell's membrane can breathe in the "good" fuel and oxygen and expel the "bad" waste products, the brain cells can operate normally. Cells operate best in this optimal environment of complete respiration. Breathing in energy and oxygen normalizes the chemistry and energizes the brain cells. The energized and chemically balanced brain cells provide the clearest thinking patterns.

The proof of this formula came clear to me when I used Dr. Hoffer's formula to supercharge my brain. I always got the "nerves" before testing. Often I over thought my studies and then froze when test time arrived. However, the first time I used this formula on an accounting exam, I went from a C-grade to an "A". It seems as though I had full recall of my studies so the answers were on the tip of my tongue. I was so convinced of this formula's benefits that I used it for all my high-stress activities and my overall performance was vastly improved; almost a full grade-point..

Yes, one should avoid endless churning of the mind. Brains, like muscles, have their exercise limits too but our stressful living patterns often overlook this obvious fact. Whenever you experience lessening of thought and creativity, give yourself a mental vacation for 5-10 minutes and get your mind off of your challenges. If its early morning or mid-afternoon, consider feeding your brain some nutritional fuel that will allow the brain-cell's chemistry to normalize and allow you full function. Dr. Hoffer suggests the dosage of 500 mg of niacin, 1000-2000 mg vitamin C, and 500 mg of L-Glutamic Acid twice daily can return the brain to normal functions within a few hours to a few days depending on the severity of the original symptoms.

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