What’s In My Personal Care Products

May 18


Jason Kassel, PhD

Jason Kassel, PhD

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Purchasing personal care products is a simple task for some people. Some people pick up the first thing that looks good and start using it, but that is not enough for many others. You might find it difficult to make a choice because of the fear of what is in these products.


Like most people,What’s In My Personal Care Products Articles you have likely heard all of the talk about what is in these personal care products. Chemicals and toxins that could harm you, all sitting in those bottles. To avoid them, you will want to know what is in your personal care products. You want to know what you are using.

When a manufacturer creates a personal care product, they have a specific function and look in mind. To make sure that the product meets their expectations, they use various chemicals. These chemicals hold fragrance, color, consistency, and quality. This ensures that there is no change while you are using these products and that there is no risk to you from outside sources. It lowers the risk of contamination, discoloration, and various other unwanted changes. All of this is good, but these chemicals are not perfect. They have downsides that make them undesirable or even dangerous.

These extra ingredients, the phthalates and the parabens and so much more, have negative side effects. They can cause irritation and leave you feeling worse. Certain ingredients, such as alcohol, can also dry your skin. There are links to serious health concerns, especially when using large amounts for an extended period, for some ingredients. All of these can hurt and annoy you, possibly putting your wellness at risk. You do not want any of these ingredients in your personal care products. They are in no way safe to use, regardless of how they benefit the product itself. For you, they are dangerous.

To avoid these ingredients, go for personal care products that advertise as chemical free, toxin free, and free of the various ingredients you do not want. Many will have this on the packaging. Natural products are normally safe options, too. They usually keep the chemicals and other dangerous ingredients out of the manufacturing process, choosing safer alternatives instead. Read the ingredient lists and look for the names you know to avoid if you want to make sure that you are safe. These chemicals are too dangerous for you to ignore their side effects and continue using them on a regular basis.