Boost your memory with yoga music

Feb 25


Karan Khalsa

Karan Khalsa

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This article talks about the significance of yoga practicing to boost the memory of human being.


Ages ago the Vedic sages invented an art as well as philosophy of balancing human mind,Boost your memory with yoga music Articles body and soul. This art cum philosophy is known as yoga. The word yoga was derived from a Sanskrit word 'yuj' which means to unite, to bind or to join. It is helpful in many ways for the human kind like it ensures physical fitness as well as mental balance. Yoga has the magical power of warding off all kind of tensions and worries from the mind thus making it calm and relaxed. Yoga practiced with yoga music promises the best possible result as the healing tunes of the spiritual music fill up the soul with divine tranquility. Meditation music also has the same effect on human mind. Now, apart from reaching the higher state of spirituality, yoga also acts as an amazing memory booster.

For eras, yoga has been used as the ideal tool of enhancing the memory. Various components of yoga can boost overall body and brain function. The three basic components of yoga, Asanas or the physical poses, Pranayama or the breathing exercises and meditation, are beneficial for human brain. Daily practicing of asanas results in uninterrupted oxygen and blood supply to brain. Thus it nourishes the brain cells which in turn increases the memory capacity. The inverted postures are of great aid in this prospect. Breathing exercises help an individual to control his mind. Pranayamas boost oxygen supply to the brain which ensures better performance of brain. And by practicing meditation one can control his thoughts and mind power. Meditation is a proven way of boosting the human memory. And if a little bit of soothing devotional music like meditation music can be included in meditation, one can expect the best possible result. One can take help of the whole lot of yoga DVDs available in different online music companies.

The unparalleled mental benefits of yoga is in news for the last thousands years. Regular practice of yoga enriches both memory and intelligence of a human being. Sarvangasana and Bhujangasana are two among few asanas which have immense effect on human mind and brain. Sun salutation can also create wonder if practiced regularly and timely. And as of Pranayama - Kapalbhati and Bhastrika can be practiced daily to boost one's memory. Kundalini yoga is one type of a yoga form which helps one to awaken the spiritual self lying within. By awakening the level of consciousness one can focus on a particular thought. Gradually it boosts the mental power as well as memory.

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