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Kundalini super power means round in shape. This entire cosmos is round in shape. Even the tiniest atom is round. Anyone can thus call cosmic existence or life existence as Kundalini energy. Planets, galaxies etc are round. The atoms of objects and cells of creatures are round. This roundness can be understood as Kundalini. This is but a gross standpoint hence we must delve deeper.


Kundalini practice is a high stature devotional method of Gayatri Meditation. The unveiling of the 5 sheaths or Koshas comes under the flagship of Gayatri’s 5 face practice. It pinnacle is Kundalini practice. It is said to be the union of Gayatri and Savitri. When the material energy of Mooladhar Chakra unites with the divine awakening of Sahasrar its combination manifests such serenity of soul which is said to be the fulfillment of Yoga practice. Gayatri is Divine Science and Savitri is Energy Chandi. When both unite it is called Kundalini Awakening. It is also called Brahmavarchas. In Brahmavarchas practice Kundalini awakening to is included.


Within the science of spiritual practice the discussion of Kundalini predominates and it is elucidated as mind boggling and terrific divine energy. Before understanding the nature science of Kundalini and spiritual practice science it is most required that we know what this power/energy is? Where rest its roots or fount? What is the aim of its practice and via its endeavor how and what benefits occur?


Kundalini means round in shape. This entire cosmos is round in shape. Even the tiniest atom is round. Anyone can thus call cosmic existence or life existence as Kundalini. Planets,KUNDALINI AWAKENING-GAYATRI’S HIGH STATURE PENANCE based PRACTICE Articles galaxies etc are round. The atoms of objects and cells of creatures are round. This roundness can be understood as Kundalini. This is but a gross standpoint but we must delve deeper. Planets, galaxies etc are moving all the while. They move in a particular orbit. They move ahead again and again in a round manner within their orbit. This orbit being round is Kundalini only. A creature is born, it grows, it dies and again repeats all this which can hence be termed Kundalini cycle. A snake sits in a circular manner. Hence it is generally used as comparison. The earth lies on the head of Shesha serpent. The demigod of space element is Anant super serpent. In this mythological belief it is the depiction of cosmos and state of earth. Patal or hell is called Shesha world. In the higher up Brahma world too lords Shesha. Lord Vishnu reclines on a serpent. Even in Shiva world serpents rule. They coil around Shiva’s body. Thus the worlds above and below earth, is lorded over by serpents. Via this analysis one gets a primary knowledge of the nature of Kundalini Energy.


What ever is in the macrocosm or the cosmos is there in the microcosm or the body. The brain is Brahmaloka and Mooladhar is Bhuloka. Both are lorded over by serpentine energy. In the brain the Sahasrar Chakra or 1000 headed super serpent is used as Lord Vishnu’s bed. The female serpent Kundalini is in the base of the genitals. A creature’s body is born from this area. The genitals of females are like a pyre. A subtle knot exists in the genitals of both males and females. By the name of Kand or Kunda it is detailed in spiritual texts. It is the residence of Kundalini Energy. It is compared to a sleeping female serpent. In reality it is an electrical flow which under ordinary circumstances is utilized for procreation purposes. It also creates energy for balance and advancement of a living being’s body. Matter is nothing but an evolved form of energy. The bodily organs are made of chemicals but at their roots it is nothing but manifestation of energy. It is energy that gets concentrated so as to become chemicals and other material forms. It is via the latter’s union that the body is designed. In a gist therefore the root principle of body creation is electrical energy. During sexual union due to friction this very electricity is created. As a result the sperm and ovum unite to form a baby. Certain bodily units are given credit for its movement, potentials and special qualities. Amongst them that generation wealth which is unveiled is but the reaction of conscious electricity. This vital electricity creates a cast which creates any body and helps in its sustenance. In this cast there is the united creation of body and psyche. In a gist vital electricity is called Kundalini which maintains existence of the bodies of living beings, its nature and also its future. Generally it pervades the entire body but if its center is to be unearthed it can be noted near the genitals in the form of a subtle center called Mooladhar Chakra.


The other end of Kundalini can be found in the Brahmarandhra of the brain and is consciousness based. Consciousness definitely pervades the entire body but its center of circulation is the brain. The knowledge based end of vital electricity is in the brain and its power based end is in the Mooladhar. Both are generally separate. Both fulfill only their limited goals. Separated, their energy is only that much that it can fulfill only the responsibility of that area. Thus only mundane daily life transactions can be carried out. If the 2 wires of electricity remain separated it is of no use but when they unite an intense electrical flow is noted. In the practice of Kundalini awakening both the ends of vital electricity are united. The miracle of this union is akin to the union of man and woman to create a family. In Kundalini awakening not only does unconsciousness end and consciousness augment but that there is union of 2 energy poles.


The earth’s axis is in the North Pole. From there it attracts, ‘buys’ required and useful things from the infinite storehouse of inter stellar powers. Over and above using whatever dirt remains is thrown into the South Pole. Ordinarily the pole that pulls things seems more important and the one that is thrown into seems useless. But this is not true. If there is no arrangement for throwing there would be no use of gathering things. If after a cow eats grass is not milked not only the udders but the entire body will suffer illness. If there is no excretion then the danger that accrues is equal to that of not feeling hungry at all. Everyone knows the gigantic amount of power required to launch a rocket in interstellar space. It is a great task to launch a rocket into space after overcoming earth’s gravitational pull. It can be done only in a space craft launching station which has immense energy for the task. Hence the importance lies in how much force is required to throw a ball at a certain distance. Everyone knows the importance of energy required for pulling. Everyone also knows the energy required to fill a pail of water from a well or unearthing ores, oil etc from mines. Thus from this elucidation we can understand the importance of the activities of North and South Pole and the nature of the intense potency used in these centers.


Planet earth has been compared to man’s physical body. In spiritual parlance it is called Bhuloka. The gigantic universes are called cosmos and the body is called earth. The same holds true for God and his creature. This similarity also holds true for the solar system and an atom. Within both same principles are at work and also similar activities exist. The same state exists as far as gigantic cosmic consciousness or God and human body is concerned. Earth is gigantic and the humanbody is its image. A living being is a portion of God and the body has imbibed the ways of planet earth.


It has been said before that the North Pole has been compared to the center of the brain and the South Pole to the genital organs. The center of the brain is called Brahmarandhra or Sahasrar. The genitals are called Mooladhar. Kundalini is that energy which on powerfully flowing between Mooladhar and Sahasrar can lead to union of a creature with God. Thus great potentials can accrue. But ordinarily this flow is very meager. Both ends use infinitesimal energy for their limited tasks. Generally the process of give and take is very minor.


The potential of Mooladhar is generally used for zest to procreate and generate capability to do so and thus its task is limited. Sahasrar too uses its capability merely for carrying out daily mundane transactions. Generally both poles experience tiredness while carrying out their limited tasks. This is the ordinary state. In order to change this situation special efforts called Kundalini awakening are carried out to generate high stature potential in these centers. A pile of mud can be kicked with the legs or pushed with the hands but if one wants to generate gigantic energy from an atom of the pile of mud, special means are required. The bodily centers of brain and genitals carry out their ordinary tasks. If a problem occurs in them, medicines are administered. If we wish to radiate and render high stature the hidden seed energy in these centers then instead of ordinary means, extraordinary ones are required. This extraordinary means is called Kundalini awakening.


It is said that Kundalini resides in the Mooladhar Chakra. It can be understood as vital energy, life force, creative inspiration, zest for life, enthusiasm etc. Its ceaseless effort creates required power and inspiration in all mundane goals of the body. Amongst them one is experienced as enthusiasm, sexual desire, sport etc type of joy. In this aim mainly sexual passion is noted. Nature, keeping in mind creatures’ procreation activity protection has kept the measure of this type of zest higher. Thus the word ‘Kama’ which really means desires is more used for sexual passion. The root meaning is actually wider. It can be said to be full of activity and progressiveness. If this were not the case then in life’s 4 meritorious goals called Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha the word Kama would not have been utilized. Say why would a Yogi, man of penance, realized saint, God realized master include sexual passion which dissipates life energy, in the fruits of life?


Kundalini energy is very widespread. Its electricity sometimes radiates in the sky which blinds our eye. Sexual passion makes man agitated and titillated. If the production of this super power is augmented and if it can be utilized in other important areas of life the result will be akin to setting up a small generator which in turn can circulate electricity in many areas. Life force’s one portion is used in procreation. A lot of energy still remains which can be used for more important and bliss bestowing tasks. Kundalini awakening helps generate more of such extra energy.


So far we spoke about the South Pole. The other pole of Kundalini lies in the brain region called Sahasrar. This is the North Pole. It is the center of living being consciousness and wisdom focusing. Ordinarily it is advanced via education and experience. The more it is advanced the more ones understanding augments. To that extent man attains more wealth and status in society. The mysterious layers of this center are radiated and made potent via the practice of Kundalini awakening. It is called divine wisdom or Divine Vision. Generally a discussion on the curiosity based miracles of ESP take place everywhere. We also hear about the mind boggling description of the intellectual skills of brainy people. This is not the result of school education or experiential practice. In fact behind it is at work some mysterious conscious layer. Via farsightedness and wisdom people make such programs which seldom fail else such well thought and defined tasks always get fulfilled. This too can be called a special psyche which the laymen do not possess. Even here are at work the manifestations of those deeper layers which do not appear with mere mundane efforts. It is only via spiritual efforts like Kundalini awakening that it is attained. If we see someone getting such mental capabilities suddenly, know for sure that this has been earned in previous borths.


The high stature success of consciousness based rising can be seen in 4 forms viz. soul wisdom, Brahman wisdom, spiritual philosophy wisdom and wholesome knowledge. If someone attains even a small portion of any of these, his/her wisdom talent rises extraordinarily. Spiritual seers, great thinkers, self realized masters know how to utilize their divine potentials for high stature endeavors. As a result despite taking an ordinary human garb they actually are saints, divine souls and self realized masters. They know about te inner state of this inert world. They are also capable of bringing about changes in it. Thus they are called Sidha Purushas.


The infinite storehouse of Kundalini Super Power has been handed over by God to the prince amongst creatures i.e. man. It is enclosed in the vault of the body. The root aim of Kundalini awakening is to open this vault and convert unconsciousness to awakening.


There are 2 paths of Primordial Energy Gayatri practice viz. Dakshin and Vam. In the Dakshin Path the 5 Sheaths or Koshas are unveiled and in Vam Path the 6 Chakras are awakened. The vital force activity present in the piercing of the 6 Chakras is called Kundalini awakening. Using this power can be easy or tedious too. It is easy for those who dare to walk on this path. It is difficult for those who are merely curious. Such people do not imbibe a definite plan or powerful resolve (Sankalpa) to execute this practice.


Both parts are important in their own right. None is big or small. In the visible life Kundalini and in the subtle world trance activities have to be made the basis. The combined result of both fulfills the requirement of all round progress. It is best that we make a combined use of the Tantrik aspect of Kundalini and the Vedic methodology of Trance Yoga. In the farsighted Rishi tradition it is advised that both be made use of together. The result of this is Brahmavarchas.


The person whose Kundalini awakens, remains as conscious in deep sleep as in the waking state. There is no difference in their dream and waking state. Just as in the waking state a realized saint talks to someone, hears things, thinks, inspires, helps and cooperates in the same way these activities go on in the dream state. In that state he/she can benefit others and for newer information can travel into other universes. By other universes we mean sun, moon, Jupiter, Venus etc. This appears amazing to us but for such people it is very ordinary. Many times spiritual seekers experience all this in their waking or sleep state. They also foresee future events or they unearth a secret or mystery. All this is the power of Kundalini.


Two production centers of Kundalini exist. One exists in the solar center which is male and the other is female which is in the earth center. In the earth center Kundalini is said to be the center of life existence in living beings. This is actually the seed of solar Kundalini. It is said that whatever exists in the world can be found in seed form within the human body. The sun too in the form of Kundalini exists in the body. When in the bodily Mooladhar glands evolve the sun’s vital force gets embedded in it and its waking state is akin to the sun. It means that man’s potency becomes all pervasive and all powerful akin to sun’s power. At that time it is difficult to control it. Those with a weak mind and body cannot imbibe it.


Gayatri’s presiding deity is Savita and Kundalini’s representative force too is the sun. Hence the direct influence of Gayatri meditation is seen in the anus via the Merudand or subtle spine. The vital force flow that flows downwards reaches here first and then via subtle nerve networks gets circulated in the entire body. The more the means evolve the more the vital force augments and hence more intense is Kundalini awakening. This light starts slowly radiating in the eyes, speech, face and forehead. In the skin it augments softness, in the brain sacredness and purity. This activity takes place slowly but surely. Thus there is no possibility of danger. The devotee while getting directions for soul welfare attains the true goal of all lives viz. liberation while alive and is also called Jivan Mukti.


On being awakened Kundalini totally transforms man’s inner personality and external form. Thus a revolution takes place both within and without. But this revolution is possible only when the bodily Kundalini conjoins with Solar Kundalini. This act is akin to transporting water to a field via a pipe connected to a lake. Gayatri practice is of immense help in conjoining bodily Kundalini with Solar Kundalini. This practice of Kundalini practice is no doubt time consuming but unlike other practices is not dangerous at all. Other practices appear as though they will help awaken Kundalini but the hardships faced in such practices, the dangers that are related to them are such that a lot of time and hard work is taken up in overcoming them. Thus what appears to be a practice that quickly helps attain the goal is in reality very time consuming. Hence deep thinkers opine that Gayatri practice easily helps us attain the goal of Kundalini awakening.

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There is a scientific law that when a higher energy stream flows towards a lower energy center, the flow continues until both the energies attain equal levels.  The power attained via Gayatri is a mature state of the above fact.  When man’s consciousness in his material body becomes all-pervasive, same sighted and omnipotent like solar consciousness, he can decipher the state of water, wind and people’s health and can also read other peoples’ minds.  He also becomes the lord of other subtle powers. 


People take up vile habits of drug addiction, alcohol inebriation etc because they are given freedom to do so. Ere its production was disallowed, those who indulged in them were duly punished, none would show zest for facing a slow paced suicide. Since people would have saved themselves from this noose from the mental standpoint they would have become well balanced and would protect themselves from all kinds of censure and downfall in life.


Lest the welfare of political rulers and wealthy class were not given supreme weight age  the stature of world lay public today would have reached zenith heights. When machines were designed to help man in various tasks they should have been made in small sizes. Thus with lesser hard work, in a short time span man would have got an opportunity to procure basic means for apt living.