Butt Lift Over Implantation

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Surgery is surgery but there are less invasive, less dangerous and more successful methods of the same procedure. And the butt lift procedure, which utilizes fat transfer, is the alternative to the butt implant procedure.

Many people feel physically deficient when it comes to the volume and/or shape of their rear-end. Some men and women have naturally small buttocks. But sometimes weight loss can exacerbate the previous condition with a loose,Guest Posting sagging appearance, which compounds their insecurities.

So many of these people, both men and women, consider and actually spend their hard earned money on products like butt lift underwear, jeans, and shape wear, or any other number of fads that come and go. They spend their time on devices to exercise the butt and on exercises promising to increase the volume of any consumer's butt. All of these methods are fads and facades. These men and women want to feel confident about their bodies in bathing suits and in front of their partners; they can't wear jeans or shape wear all the time. If they want a lasting solution, they will likely have to elect for some kind of cosmetic surgery.

The alternative of a butt lift is for those men and women who want to turn to a more permanent solution to surgically create a fuller, more shapely rear-end. Plastic surgeons have been helping patients achieve improved proportions and a more flattering body contour with butt lift and the butt augmentation procedures. Depending upon the preferences of the patient, one of these surgeries can help them to create the buns they've been wanting for years.

On one hand, buttocks implants increase volume at the top and center of the buttocks with textured or non-textured silicone inserts that are teardrop our round in shape. The risks include infection and movement over time. The butt lift procedure uses fat tanner from the patient or the purified fat from a donor. It is injected through small incisions with specialized cannulas (similar to those used in the liposuction procedure). This process helps to achieve a fuller, higher, rounded and more youthful bottom that naturally compliments a person's silhouette from many angles. This procedure option is not only natural to the eye but to the touch.

People typically want to be able to move forward after their cosmetic augmentation as if that is their natural buttocks. So the butt lift is the best option for not only decreasing chances of infection or implant shifting issues but as a great alternative to implant use. Although it is not guaranteed that the fat transfer will last a lifetime in all buttocks, many patients would rather a procedure they can repeat, if needed, with little to no complications.

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