Things to Know Before Your Buttock Augmentation

Aug 15


Karan A Gupta

Karan A Gupta

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In terms of changing your buttock you can go for this. But have a clear idea before going for this one.


Buttock augmentation or gluteal augmentation is a medical procedure to change the size of the buttocks. People are nowadays very inclined to get a buttock augmentation done to enhance their youthful beauty by getting a firm and round looking buttock.  Fat Grafting is the most popular technique of butt augmentation. It’s very important to read and do a bit of research about this procedure. One must consult a doctor and after knowing all the details,Things to Know Before Your Buttock Augmentation Articles should take the decision whether he/she should undergo this procedure. Lifestyle factors affect butt augmentation to a great extent along with body type and size.

Most of the patients who undergo this procedure are not satisfied with the end results and they report complications. Statistical reports from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons show that last year more than 14000 Brazilian butt lifts have been performed.

Money is a big concern here since this surgery is a costly affair in western countries. A number of butt augmentation clinics have been started all over the world depending on the demand. In India, butt augmentation cost is fairly less as compared to the other countries. Butt augmentation in India has become a fairly big market due to its growing demand among Indians who tends to follow the western culture and change according to its evolution. A few points that should be kept in mind before going for a butt augmentation:

  • Brazilian Butt Lifts Differ From Butt Implants: Fat grafting is another name from Brazilian butt lifts. Two famous techniques of butt augmentation consist of fat grafting or placing silicone buttock implants with the help of surgery. In case of a Brazilian butt lift, liposuction is performed to remove extra fat from places like stomach, thighs etc. which are then processed and grafted to different layers of the buttocks which provides a natural contour and butt lift. Brazilian butt lifts work great for saggy buttocks.  In the case of silicon buttock implants, surgery is performed to place silicone implants on the buttock which provides a more rounded buttock. One must consult the right surgeon for getting advice about which procedure to be perfect for them.
  • Choice Of Surgeon: It is very important to choose the best surgeon for continuing with butt augmentation because it’s a risky affair. One should choose only a certified and experienced surgeon for performing the surgery in order to get ideal results. One should be totally aware of their surgeon’s board certification during the initial appointment. The following questions should be asked by the patient if he/she desires to get their butt augmentation done:
  • How many butt lift surgeries has he performed?
  • How long the butt augmentation procedures take?
  • How will the concerned patient’s surgery be performed?
  • How much time will be required for full recovery?
  • Will a revision procedure be needed in the future?
  • The Best Butt Augmentation Results: An experienced surgeon would be able to tell and suggest the best procedures to undergo depending on the physical condition of the patient. He can even tell what would be the best shape and size that would suit his patient. The buttock augmentation changes the entire look of your physique and not only the buttocks. One must keep in mind beforehand that his/her look will be altered a bit after getting their ideal buttock surgery done.
  • The Long-lasting Result: One must be well aware of the fact that there would be a long-lasting effect of the surgery. Buttock augmentation has both pros and cons depending on the end result of the surgery. On the one hand, a successful buttock augmentation would provide long-lasting satisfaction and comfort but if the end results are not up to the mark, it would result in potential discomfort and loss of confidence. Silicone butt implants last for about 10 years whereas fat grafting results in permanent results because the fatty tissue graft merges with the original tissues. Butt lifts reduce fat and reshape the buttocks whereas butt implants tend to feel natural.


These are some of the key points one must go through before deciding to go for a butt augmentation procedure and should consult an experienced surgeon for the operation.