Consulting Counselors - Not Only In Psychological Disorders

Jan 9


Robin Milton

Robin Milton

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Counselling is for anyone – children, teens, adults, couples or families - wanting meaningful change and emotional or mental wholeness or healing. Best Counselling is a way of helping people with personal problems and turned into new stories of healing, joy, success, hope and encouragement.


It is often seen that people relate the idea of one to consult a psychologist with a psychological disorder. Yes,Consulting Counselors - Not Only In Psychological Disorders Articles it is true. According to a research, the above-stated fact stands right for 68% times. However, the statement shall be not so.

People need counseling for different reasons, at different times in life. Sometimes individuals look for counseling services when they are experiencing a problem or as a last option. Others seek counseling to prevent a problem. Yet regardless of where you are, counseling can provide possibilities for new ways of being and living.

Benefits of Counseling

  1. Chilliwack counseling services can expose a person to strong feelings or emotions, which can be channeled into positive energy.
  2. Counseling can help individuals go back or grow safe and meaningful relationships within partners or with a teen/child.
  3. It can help individuals overcome certain rage, improper behaviors, different mood swings, confusions, or thoughts that seem out of control, to re-experience a sense of revived hope and joy.
  4. Counseling can help individuals turn life transactions into new opportunities for growth and discovery. It can help individuals find balance, meaning, well-being, and purpose in life. It can also help individuals explore spirituality, the joy of spiritual disciplines, and their joy.
  5. Counseling provides a safe place to share stories of, failure, pain, or discouragement and thus by doing so; one can achieve the inner peace of mind and heart.

Counseling- Who is it for?

Counseling is for everyone – children, teens, adults, couples, or families – who want meaningful change and emotional or mental wholeness or healing. In addition, a person with a sound mind can also opt for counseling services.

However, it takes a huge amount of courage to acknowledge the need for change or healing and takes even more courage to act.

How to choose a counselor?

Like all other things, choosing a counselor that fits best for you, or your child, happens by working around. Recommendations made by your friends, pastor, doctor, rabbi or word of mouth are one of the best ways to find a counselor. Counseling directories available on the internet can also be helpful.   

Who is a good counselor?

  • Regardless of how you find Chilliwack counseling services, your counselor needs to be a good partner for you or your child/partner. A good match is a counselor that you truly feel comfortable with. One that listens, is caring, empathic and non-judgmental and is thorough skilled to look after you or your child's concerns.  
  • An effective counselor respects and believes their clients; informs their clients about the whole process of counseling; will not force their clients to do anything they aren't comfortable in doing; also, will encourage their clients to do things that shall help them reach their goals.
  • He or she encourages the clients to find support to rally for them while they are attending counseling sessions; offers their clients coping skills; encourages their clients to share what isn't working for them in counseling or what is troubling them, and decides together when to end with the counseling sessions.