Coronary Heart Disease Treatment in India

Dec 2


Rohit Kaushik

Rohit Kaushik

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The increasing stress, restlessness, strain and hectic work schedules are are triggering the greater number of cardiac diseases.


According to a report by WHO (world health organization),Coronary Heart Disease Treatment in India Articles there are more than 30 million cases of heart diseases diagnosed in India and not only men and women but children are also at high risk nowadays. Keeping at pace with advanced medical treatment, the country is showing great potential for fighting against any kind of cardiac diseases. Not only the treatment, but the initial diagnosis and tests are efficiently done in India with the help of cutting edge technology and precision.

What is coronary heart disease?

Coronary heart disease refers to a group of diseases including myocardial infraction, stable angina, unstable angina and sudden coronary death. It occurs when a wax-like fatty substance builds up inside the coronary arteries and the arteries get narrowed. The excess buildup of this fatty substance prevents the flow of oxygen-rich blood to the heart, causing chest pain that is medically termed as ‘angina’. This condition can lead to sudden heart attack and death.

How to diagnose coronary heart disease?

Coronary heart disease is diagnosed by coronary angiography. In this test, special dye and x-rays are used to see the percentage of blockage of the arteries. Through cardiac catheterization, the dye is put inside coronary arteries and is released. The coronary arteries get visible due to this particular dye when observed in x-rays.

When coronary angiography is needed?

Following are some of the situations when coronary angiography should be done:

  • After a heart attack to find out the correct location of blockage

  • To find out the location of angina or chest pain

  • Before going for any surgical procedure like coronary angioplasty

Is coronary angiography painful?

This test is done in hospitals and the patient doesn’t need anesthesia. It is not painful but some patients can feel soreness in blood vessels. It doesn’t cause any serious complication. But there are rare cases where the test can cause severe side effects, which can be fatal as well.

Is it expensive?

Well, the process of coronary angiography is highly advanced and it requires well-built infrastructure to get done. In India, super specialty hospitals offer this test at comprehensive rate. But, if we compare with the cost of the test in other countries, then it is clearly evident that the cost of coronary angiography in India is much lesser.