Depression in Women

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Around 9.5% of women in India are suffering from depression, according to a study from the National Center for Biotechnology Information.


Depression in Women 


Women breaking down in tears on small things,Guest Posting can be a reason that something is eating them  from inside. We understand it is difficult to identify someone's mental health but it's not  impossible. We can't try to talk to them and find out exactly Wharton troubling them.Women are biologically designed to experience more emotions than men. Sometimes they become “too much” to handle. This can be due to multiple factors. Never feel alone in your struggles with depression. Find out the causes and symptoms here. They find it difficult to explain, what they are going through. 


Around 9.5% of women in India are suffering from depression, according to a study from the National Center for Biotechnology Information.


The cases are twice in women compared to men due to multiple factors. There might be a woman who is suffering from depression around you and you don't even know. Mental health is equally important as physical health but the only thing is it is difficult to identify and understand.


Women may suffer more due to:

  1. Lack of awareness

  2. Stigma Disadvantaged position of women

  3. Multiple roles

  4. More sensitivity to interpersonal relationships

  5. Increased levels of stress

  6. An inadequate number of mental health professionals

  7. Domestic violence

Women with depression tend to become “angry” and display “mood swings“.


Causes Depression in women

  1. Abusing or Beatings from partner

  2. Breakups

  3. Disputes in the family or at the workplace

  4. Unreasonable demands or pressure from in-laws

  5. Eve teasing

  6. Harassment

  7. Work-life Balance

  8. Events during Pregnancy

  9. Abnormal Menstruation cycle

  10. Body shaming

  11. Childhood Trauma

  12. Racial or color discrimination


The causes may seem “too trivial” to adults but the resulting trauma is multi-fold.

Few things affect women more deeply than men. Not being able to seek help at the right time can cause major issues in life.


Although, Signs and symptoms are different.


Signs are observed by other people whereas symptoms can be felt only by the person having it.


Signs of depression in men are usually similar to signs of depression in women but symptoms are usually different.


Signs of Depression in Women

  1. They tend to become either more and more silent or show excessive anger

  2. They start to ignore people in your family and friends

  3. They are lost in their world, unaware of the surroundings

  4. Over or no sleep

  5. Mood swings


If you are seeing any of the above signs you should talk it out with your family or a confidant.


Depression can be due to many other factors as well. The simple act of talking about your problems helps a lot in most cases.


Some women continue to live with a troubled state of mind for the most part of their lives to avoid social stigma.


Your perpetual feeling of sadness can be very traumatizing and can hamper your daily lives. It is very important to seek advice from a medical health professional or at least friends and family.


If someone in your family or neighborhood shows the following symptoms, try to talk to them and see if they need advice from a health professional.


Symptoms of depression in Women

  1. You start ignoring people around you

  2. Excess fatigue

  3. Mood swings

  4. You might start developing negative thoughts

  5. Anxiety

  6. Panic attacks or excess worry during pregnancy



 Takeaway: The symptoms might not look dangerous right now but can result lead to isolation or in the worst case self-harm or suicide if not treated properly. It's better to cure their issue at the right time. Small talks can be helpful in finding out the problem. 


If you observe these signs among any of your peers, advise them to seek professional help.


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