Detoxifying Your Body – How & Why

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Weight loss is about bettering your life and that too in dozens of noteworthy ways. Every second that you put into your weight loss regime is every second of enriching your life. If you are not obese but just overweight you can put to practice some lifestyle changes and see the marked change in yourself.

Rising pollutants in the atmosphere and the food products due to pesticides,Guest Posting and other similar toxins exposes you to free radicals. The free radicals cause various skin and eye problems as well as asthma, cancer, bronchitis. They break down your immune system, making your body prone to diseases. Detoxifying of the body helps getting rid of these free radicals from your body by means of several Ayurveda herbs and maintaining proper diet. Regular exercise and intake of supplements helps you in building and strengthening your immune system. You rejuvenate and become healthy and strong to fight diseases and illnesses.

Understanding Free Radicals
Free radicals are highly reactive molecules that alter the chemical reactions of your body. All energy producing cells also produces unstable oxygen molecules having non-paired electrons. These in turn damage the cells and their functioning in the body speeding the aging process and breaking down of the immune system.

Free Radicals are products of the usual living and breathing processes. Their production is multiplies with drinking alcoholic beverages, smoking, pollution, and radiations emitted from various electronic devices

Free Radicals and the damage they cause are capable of malfunctioning of various body cells, even altering your DNA. This damaging accelerates the process of aging leading to grave health issues.

Understanding Antioxidants
Antioxidants prevent oxidation of the molecules and production of free radicals. Fruits and plants contain antioxidants in different measures. The plants and fruits that contain higher amount of antioxidants are good for maintain all round good health. Providing your body with an adequate amount of antioxidants helps you at the very cellular level in fighting the cell oxidation, and other damaging effects.

Advantages of Antioxidants
Eating food that contains large amounts of antioxidants, like various fruits and vegetables can help you in a number of ways. Amla the ‘Indian Gooseberry Berry’, Aloe Vera, and Triphala. Triphala, as the name suggests is a mixture of three fruits (Tri=Three and Phala=Fruits) – Amla (Amalaki), harita (haritaki), and Bibhita (Bibhitaki) contains high amounts of antioxidants.

Amla powder or juice is rich source of vitamin C. regularly intake of Amla powder or juice helps fighting against free radicals, enhances and strengthens your immune system to sustain various diseases.

Aloe Vera juice or gel is also a very excellent antioxidant and rich in various vitamins and minerals, is an antibiotic, anti viral, antifungal, anti acidity, anti inflammation, lowering body cholesterol and arthritic pain. It encourages cell growth. You can either drink it as Aloe Vera juice or apply to painful joints and scarred or burnt skin as a gel you will benefit.

Triphala powder contains components that are well known medicinal plants in Ayurvedic medicine. Containing profound renewing and strengthening power Triphala powder helps maintain healthy - liver functions, immune system, and inflammatory responses.

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