Don’t Listen To Bad Advice For Migraine Headaches Relief

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Relief for migraines can be accomplished both naturally and safely. 

Far too often,Guest Posting when a migraine headache sufferer is about to begin a treatment for migraine headaches relief, they are instructed to pinpoint their dietary triggers, eliminate them, and if that doesn't work, take this, that, or the other pill.

If a patient asks how they are supposed to accomplish this, the answer is: "A couple days before the onset of a migraine headache, start a journal and look for common factors."

Having experienced migraines for over 10 years, I have been instructed, time and time again, to:

Look for common factors

Examine the foods I ate a couple days before the onset of my migraine headache

Examine how long and how well I slept a couple days before the onset of my migraine headache

Look closely for triggers in common a couple days before the onset of my migraine headache

This is not the kind of advice that should be given by a doctor that really understands how to treat the problem.

If a migraine headache sufferer comes to a doctor asking for treatment for migraine headache relief, and tells the doctor they suffer from migraine headaches almost every day - or 4 times a week, once a week, or has suffered from a migraine headache for the last 5 days, begs the doctor to put him on a treatment for migraine headache relief, and the above advice is doled out, I think you easily see how this migraine headache treatment is bound to fail.

If a patient suffers migraine headaches on a daily basis, the foods the patient ate a couple of days before the onset of EACH migraine headache is not going to be the same.  Very often these foods will be COMPLETELY different.

A reasonable and rational person would take in this advice and dismiss it out of hand.

And the reason is because this advice goes against logic.

If I eat entirely different foods everyday and yet still suffer almost daily migraine headaches, then, according to the advice of my doctor, EVERY food I have eaten is a migraine trigger. 

Even more, no matter what time I go to bed in the evening, or how well or badly I sleep, those are also ALL triggers. 

The advice given for a headache journal is the same.  I have not started one single treatment for migraine headaches relief without being instructed to keep a headache journal.

Now, if I am living a lifestyle with no set rules - meaning I regularly go to sleep and wake at different hours, and eat a wide variety of foods in an otherwise healthy diet, but still suffer from almost DAILY migraine headaches, then what conclusion am to draw from this? 

Either EVERTHING is a migraine headache trigger, or NOTHING is a migraine headache trigger.

Moreover, the advice given in this migraine headache treatment leads me to the conclusion that migraine headaches are just way too frequent to determine single commonalities. 

Additionally, a couple of days is way too hazy.

Think about how many potential triggers can be stumbled upon just a couple of days BEFORE the onset of a migraine headache.

Consider this:  if you endure almost daily migraine attacks, EVERY DAY IS A COUPLE OF DAYS BEFORE THE ONSET OF A MIGRAINE HEADACHE.

Who should have to pay for this kind of treatment for migraine headache relief?

This kind of migraine treatment doesn't treat you as an individual.  So, being sensible, you rightfully dismiss this advice out of hand.

So, what is the PROPER advice a doctor should give?

The doctor SHOULD start every treatment for migraine headaches relief by telling you that he is going to start you on a method of treatment that will make your migraine headaches occur very rarely and will become something that is very preventable.

And the first step is to take this complete list of migraine triggers and get rid of EVERY ONE of them.

After a month, come back in to the office.  At that point, we will then move on to the next phase of your treatment for migraine headaches relief.

The frequency and severity will have NOTICEABLY decreased.

In a few months, migraine headaches will be something you will never have to worry about again.

Not one doctor has ever given me this advice.  Never have I been told that there is hope for an eventual end to my migraine headaches.

I've never been told how to determine and eliminate my triggers.

For that matter, I've never even been told WHY TRIGGERS NEED TO BE ELIMINATED IN THE FIRST PLACE.

This point gets into a whole other dark area of treatment for migraine headache relief. And that has to do with why virtually all migraine headache treatments either exacerbate or prolong the condition of migraine headaches.

This is disheartening, but the truth is there is really hope out there.

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