Migraine Headaches Relief – The Dark Side of Treatment

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Sufferers from migraines may experience significant side effects with a prescription migraine headache treatment.

Your Treatment For Migraine Headaches Relief Is Making Matter Worse

There are two major reasons why someone enduring the pain of migraine headaches should consider a natural treatment for migraine headaches relief.

1) It is much more effective than migraine headache medication.

2) It doesn't cost anything.

The type of migraine headaches relief you experience from a natural migraine headache treatment is notably different from the type of migraine headaches relief you'll experience from doctor prescribed and over-the-counter medications.

In this article,Guest Posting I'll go over the shortcomings to a typical migraine headache treatment -
Preventative Medication for Migraine Headaches (Prophylactic)

Medication - Preventative Treatment For Migraine Headaches

Side Effects

Significant side effects may be experienced with a prescription migraine headache treatment.

From personal experience, nausea, dizziness, foggy head, and just feeling tired all day were typical reactions to the drugs I was taking.  When I began taking Topamax, I found myself unable to focus on my work and slept for hours on end during the middle of the day.  Each day was a struggle to make it through without the aid of a nap.

I just wanted to sleep more and more without waking.

… then my dosage was increased.

Each drug requires a fast increase in dosage to maintain its level of effectiveness.  More than a few people quit taking medications in the hopes that a treatment for migraine headaches relief MUST be out there somewhere that doesn't leave you feeling dazed and stoned the entire day.

The Hidden Truth

Migraine headache treatment has a dark side.  And the dark side is the bottom line, as with any other business.
Your prescription for migraine headaches relief funds the R&D expenses of the major pharmaceutical companies.

If this sounds too jaded to you, consider this before you dismiss me out of hand:  Every single preventative treatment for migraine headaches relief was originally researched and developed for another disease.

These drugs were originally developed as medications to treat epileptic seizures or depression - but not migraines.

Indication Expansion

Indication Expansion is a term kept from the public and used by major pharmaceutical companies to describe the process of approving one particular medication to treat an illness for which it was never originally intended.

When pressed, the drug companies admit that this practice is done to increase the possible return on investment for a particular medication.  Here's a quote taken directly from the website of OBBeC, a major BioTech compay:

"Drug development processes consume around $1 billion and 10-15 years from concept to commercialization.  Skyrocketing expenditures in pharmaceutical R&D have forced the pharmaceutical industry to invent innovative strategies to maximize their return on investment."

Topamax is a drug for epileptic seizures.  Not for the treatment of migraine headaches relief.

Now, if I were an epileptic suffering seizures, I may consider the awful side effects associated with taking Topamax a necessary evil in return for the relief of what must be truly terrible condition.

But, it's a completely different matter to take this medication as a way of preventing migraine headaches.  To use it under the pretense of a legitimate treatment for migraine headaches relief seems more than just an insult to somebody that has endured over 10 years of experimenting with countless treatments for migraine headache relief.

The Sad Reality

When Topamax was originally prescribed as a migraine headache treatment, I was advised that its purpose was to prevent migraines. 

But all it took was a little digging to discover this was not the case.  It was originally designed to treat epileptic seizures.

But because of the dire straits I was in caused by the almost unendurable pain, I wanted to believe this drug was somehow specifically discovered for the explicit purpose of relieving and curing my migraine headaches.

I was full of hope that were chemists actively working on cures for exactly my problem, and that wonderful advancements were being made.

Don't buy into any of that fairy tale.

When it's all broken down, it is nothing more than a marketing tactic.

Insight and Wisdom

Let me say this, there would be no need for me to be writing this article write now if these medications worked the way pharmaceutical companies and doctors claim they do.

You wouldn't be able to find thousands and thousands of blogs claiming otherwise and suggesting natural migraine treatments as the logical alternative.

There would not be millions of people that still endure migraine headaches.

If these drugs prevented migraine headaches effectively without devastating side effects, we would be pledging undying allegiance to the makers of Neurontin, Depakote, Topamax, and so on.

Take a look on the Internet.  See if you can find one site or blog that stands 100% behind the effectiveness of any of these medications.

You won't find any.

And the reason you won't find any is because these drugs were never intended as a treatment for migraine headaches relief. 

All of it is a marketing ploy.  Each drug is part of the pharmaceutical company's Indication Expansion.

This fact can be verified by checking with the literature of the actual pharmaceutical companies that manufacture the drugs.

Your own body can accurately let you know which treatment for migraine headaches relief to use and which treatment for migraine headaches relief to steer clear of.

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