Exploring The Different Types Of Acne Treatment

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Acne treatment comes in many different forms and types.  They range from surgery and lasers to natural creams to harsh chemicals with links to cancer.  This article discusses most of them, and hopes to point out the pros and cons to each.  After reading this article, you will be able to better choose what is the best acne treatment for you, based on your particular needs.

If you are looking for an acne treatment you might consider a few different techniques.  Some people try over the counter or prescription medications,Guest Posting laser treatments, or making their own concoction up at home.  Always consider the severity of the acne and the sensitivity of your skin before you make a decision on which technique to use to fight the acne you are suffering from.Recent studies, including a very well publicized study at Oxford University have revealed that an ingredient made from the skin of grapes called Resveratrol is more effective at killing acne bacteria than is benzoyl peroxide or other common acne treatments.  The ability to treat the acne, but without the overdrying and links to cancer that benzoyl has, makes Resveratrol the most popular acne treatment among dermatologists or those in the know.  Unfortunatly, very few acne creams are advanced enough to be using Resveratrol as their active ingredient.   At this time, the leader in the Resveratrol acne treatment market is clearly Dermajuv and their Acne Treatment System.There are many different types of over the counter medications to choose from the saturated shelves of your drugstore for acne treatment.  It can be hard to decide.  Most topical solutions have an active ingredient known as benzoyl peroxide that is the leading fighter of pimples and breakouts.  Using topical creams with this ingredient is best to start with to fight acne.  Brand names do not matter when using acne medications on the shelves.  They are all designed with the same fighting ingredient but some are known for their names.If over the counter medications are not working for you then you might want to seek the advice of a physician.  A physician may prescribe to you oral medications that you can begin taking to help with the acne.  A dermatologist may also give you prescription medications such as topical creams or gels to apply to the acne.  Prescription medications are very common for attacking and preventing acne and they are known to be very effective.Laser skin therapies are also an option for acne treatment.  Most people who choose these methods usually have tried everything they can over the counter and prescriptions from a doctor before they opt for this type of treatment.  Laser treatment can help prevent acne by destroying the parts of the skin cells which develop oils in the pores.  This can minimize the oil and prevent acne.  Laser therapy is also effective in minimizing scar tissue that acne has left behind.There are many different types of acne treatment you might consider if you are suffering from a severe case of acne anywhere on your body.  The most common treatments are over the counter washes and topical creams for application.  A dermatologist may prescribe stronger topical creams or even give you an oral prescription to take each day.  Laser skin therapy is usually a last resort but is very effective.

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