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While many are aware of anti aging options through plastic surgery, they are not necessarily informed about the hormone therapy available at an anti aging clinic. Surgery may enhance the outer appearance, but hormone therapy renews youthful energy and vigor!

Besides outward adjustments including plastic surgery,Guest Posting weight loss, and anti-aging cosmetics, some individuals turn toward hormone therapy to reintroduce the vigor of youth to their bodies. One of the most common hormone therapies offered in an anti aging clinic is the human growth hormone, otherwise known as HGH.

What is the Human Growth Hormone?

The human growth hormone's job is reflected in its name. Our bodies, specifically the pituitary gland, produce this hormone naturally especially during the teenage years. Its primary function is to synthesize the nutrients we eat into the living human tissues that make up our bodies. Once the body has reached its destined height, the human growth hormone continues to strengthen muscle, tone skin, and support energy with little extra work. As our bodies age, this human growth hormone secretion decreases along with the benefits it provides.

What are the Benefits and Risks to Hormone Therapy?

Those who begin a hormone therapy regime at their local anti aging clinic and begin taking the human growth hormone observe their muscle mass returning with little effort. Extra fat is burned by this new muscle growth, so the body becomes somewhat toned without the work of exercise or dieting. Other benefits include thicker and more flexible skin, increased energy, decreased cholesterol levels, and even osteoporosis reversal.

Human growth hormone can be administered in three different ways. It seems that the most effective administration is found in hormone injections. These are administered by a qualified physician at the anti aging clinic. The hormone is also available in an oral and a spray form, but these do not seem to be as effective as the injection. Throughout therapy, the patient must undergo testing to track hormone levels and any side effects caused by the medication.

While human growth hormone therapy may increase the quality of old age, it doesn't necessarily extend life expectancy. Some have observed that it provides a high quality of life with a quick decline at the end as opposed to years of declining health.

Other possible complications include fluid retention which can lead to joint pain or carpal tunnel syndrome. Doctors highly recommend, may even require, the patient be monitored at the anti aging clinic for early detection of this and other adverse side effects. Besides fluid retention, doctors watch for excessive bone growth, worsening arthritis symptoms, or vocal cord thickening.

What is the Process of Hormone Therapy?

Before you begin therapy, you'll spend plenty of time with a hormone therapy specialist. He or she will discuss the detailed benefits and risks of hormone therapy, realistic expectations for your body and energy level, and harmful side effects monitor or report. You'll also undergo some medical lab work that will help your doctor develop a precise regime specifically designed for your body.

Human growth hormone therapy through an anti aging clinic costs about $6,000 every year. Since it's meant to be continued through the rest of your life, you'll need to evaluate if your retirement income can afford these procedures without the help of medical insurance.

Getting the information by scheduling a consult visit does not commit you to hormone therapy. Whether or not you're eligible or choose to participate, being informed about the anti aging options available to you is important.

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