Finding Out Why The Ways To Stop Smoking Didn’t Work For You

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If you went searching on how to quit smoking online, you will already have come across plenty of resources on ways and methods to quit smoking. Most of them actually states ways that actually are effective to quit smoking but it’s not universal.

This means that one method may work for one but may not work for another. It is also important to assess the methods that didn’t work. Not only that,Guest Posting you must also know what has made you to smoke again, in each situation and each circumstances.

Your Peers

One of the most stated reasons for failing to quit is the lack of support. Through hard time, you’ll find it extremely challenging if you don’t have family or friends to see you through.

Start by telling those peers in advance that you want to quit smoking. In this way, people are more conscious about your efforts and it will help to quit smoking easier.

Also, look at your peers around you before you attempted to quit smoking. Did any of your peers offered cigarettes to you?

If there’s anyone also told you don’t bother or express any doubts about your effort to quit smoking, please avoid them immediately. They could a factor as to why you failed to quit smoking.

At times, you may get quite moody and irritable that no one can stand being around you. If you have experienced that, you will be able to tell that these irritable moments are due to withdrawal symptoms.

Lack of Plan

One of the ways to combat the above is to plan ahead. Just suddenly deciding to entirely quit smoking may not be the smartest idea. This leaves you unprepared for challenges. The spur of the moment decision to quit may also result in higher chances for relapses.

Also, trying to quit when you are dealing with more than usual stress is a bad idea. For example, there may be some crisis such as a divorce, death of a family member, breakups, or getting laid off your job may be a bad timing to quit smoking.

The process of quitting smoking requires you to use a lot of energy. If you are using energy for these unusual stress, it’ll be better to hold on and wait for things to settle down to give up the cigarettes.

No Purpose

On top of that, the reasons and purposes to quit smoking are equally important. For example, if you had an unsuccessful attempt to quit, did you quit smoking for others? Or was it a personal decision for yourself upon a self realization?

The truth is nobody can quit smoking for you, only you can do it for yourself. If you have a strong purpose, it will hold as foundation to your willpower as challenges come.

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