How To Quit Smoking By Looking At The Methods Of Attempts

Dec 3


Tony James

Tony James

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Looking back at your attempts and let’s analyze what has seemed to work for you. At times, your attempts may have been just a short while, perhaps for months, weeks, days or even hours.


Just because you didn’t manage to quit permanently doesn’t mean that you have entirely failed or that you have wasted your time.

You can look what attempts that cause you to maintain smoke-free the longest and from there shape up a plan to quit smoking.

Your Support Groups

When you were trying to quit,How To Quit Smoking By Looking At The Methods Of Attempts Articles did you have any support groups or friends that are willing to give their fill encouragement to you? This will be a great deal of help especially when things are tough and challenges get in the way.

Take for example, a friend may bear or have more little patience with you when they know you are more irritable when you are trying to quit smoking. But be careful as this may only work for a short while.

Your family is also another precious support group because they are the people you see every single day!

Their belief in your efforts to quit smoking may directly affect whether you succeed or not. In fact, their support is more important any of your friends or peers because you are most emotionally connected to them.

It would be great to get a partner and a friend to quit smoking with you. There are many people who want to quit smoking and chances are, it won’t be very hard to find them.

All you have to do is ask. Also, no one would understand better than someone who is trying to quit and going through the same challenges as you are.

The Methods You Tried

During the course of trying to quit smoking, did you try to use nicotine replacement products over the counter such as the nicotine patch of gums? Or have you tried medication like Bupropion?

If you did, how did these work out for you? Were they effective?

Have you tried to quit smoking via hypnosis? Were you able to not think about smoking anymore after your sessions?

Did you also try alternative methods such as herbs, acupuncture or any natural remedy?
Now what you can do is to look at what methods has helped you to go on not smoking the most time, you can then focus on the method most that helped you.

But the rule is that you start by focusing on only one method first, and then slowly move on to the others.

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