First-Aid Principles for Children’s Medicine Mistaking

Jun 10


Yan Hu

Yan Hu

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Parents should take correct measures when children mistake medicine.

Medicine can cure diseases. But it does harms to healthy people. Therefore, First-Aid Principles for Children’s Medicine Mistaking  Articles medicine should be out of the reach of little children. As children have immature immune system and resistibility, they would be in danger if they take unnecessary medicine by accident. If children mistake some medicine, parents have to calm down first. There are some first-aid principles for parents to follow. First of all, parents must observe abnormal behaviors as early as possible and make it clear which medicine their children have taken. Children would become lazy, sleepy and uncomfortable if they have taken needless medicine. When parents find such symptoms, they are suggested to check if the medicine in their house has been touched. They also should try to find out the dose as soon as they can. Secondly, give first aid to children before going to hospital. Emesis is the most effective way of first aid. Parents are advised to put their knees on children’s belly and use fingers or chopsticks to stimulate the pharynx of their children. If children do not vomit immediately, parents can make them drink some water. The vomit should be cleaned immediately. Thirdly, according to different features of medicine, different measures should be taken. If the drug, such as herbal medicine and vitamins, are not powerful, and the dose is not big, parents can let their children drink a large amount of cold water in order to help the medicine diluted. If the medicine is poisonous or has many side effects, children should be taken to hospital as soon as possible. If it is impossible to go to hospital immediately, children should vomit with the help of water. After vomit, let them drink some milk and eat some egg white. If children take drugs for external use by accident, they have to drink much strong tea. It is because the tannic acid in tea leaves has the function of detoxification. If the medicine is of causticity, it would cause gastric perforation. Under this circumstance, children must be taken to hospital without delay. And if children take phenol, do not let them vomit. Parents should give them a large amount of milk, soybean milk, egg white or plant oil to drink. These kinds of food can adhere to the intestines and reduce the damage of phenol. Children like to eat sweet food. They tend to treat colorful and fragrant medicine as sweets. Clinical statistics in recent years have shown that most drug poisoning cases that happened to children were due to parents. Therefore, parents should keep in mind that medicine can not be placed as they please. Do remember to put medicine in drawers or high places that children are not able to reach. If some children are very active, please lock the medicine in the house.