Let Babies Love Drinking Water

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Let babies love drinking water. 

Water is an indispensable substance for human beings. It is as important as air. It composes tissues of the human body,Guest Posting adjusts the body temperature, promotes the metabolism of all systems, and carries nutrition and waster in the body. Drinking a certain quantity of water every day helps protect kidney and drive the toxins out of the human body. 
The amount of water that people require depends on the need of metabolism. Usually, babies need more water than adults because their kidneys are not mature enough and their metabolism is active. Besides, the requirement of water is closely related with temperature, food and exercises. Experts point out that the quantity of water that babies need should be under control. Inadequate water would delay the growth of babies, while too much water would cause poisoning. 
Obviously, water is important for babies. But many babies do not like to drink water. How can parents deal with this problem? The following tips would be helpful. 
Firstly, parents can play drinking water games with babies. Parents can prepare two identical cups and pour same amount of water into both cups. After that, parents should give one to babies and leave one for parents themselves. Then play a cheers game with babies. 
Secondly, parents should encourage their babies when they are drinking water. Babies tend to cooperate with parents when they are praised. And parents should also tell their babies to stop drinking when they have drunk enough water. 
Thirdly, do not put drinks in the house. Babies are curious about drinks. If they find some drinks that they have not tried, they would remember them all the time. 
Fourthly, parents are suggested to set good examples for their children. Drinking water is a habit that is formed consciously. When parents are drinking water themselves, they could make some exaggerate actions in order to arouse the attention of their children. 
Fifthly, children like to follow what other kids do. Parents can prepare a bottle of water when their children go out. When they see other children drink water, give them their water immediately.  
Sixthly, changing the cups from time to time can be helpful. Babies have great interests in animals. Parents can prepare two or three cups with different animal pictures and change cups frequently to feed babies. Or containers of different shapes can be used. When babies feel interested, they tend to drink water quickly. 
Seventhly, try to follow the principle that let me, love my dog. Parents can make up stories about little idols of babies. For example, if some babies love teletubbies, tell them stories about how teletubies drink water. 
If the above methods are useless, parents are advised to put some sweet food into water. For instance, a piece of apple or pear can be added to water so that water becomes sweet and attractive to babies. Or parents can add some dextrose to make the flavor better. 

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